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Great Gatsby Narrative Voice Essay

The narrator’s influence plays a fundamental role in a novel that every reader takes into account when getting involved in the story . In Francis S. Fitzgerald’s literary work ‘’The Great Gasby ‘’ the function of Carraway’s narrative voice brought up several controversies among readers and critics for it deals with 3 different attitudes from the part of the narrator through whom ‘’Fitzgerald is able to achieve the aesthetic distance ‘’. (76 Donaldson) The purpose of the essay is to try to pin down those attitudes in view of Carraway’s eliability , awareness and detachment in the novel. In ‘’The Great Gatsby ‘’ Carraway presents the main character as an unique individual who has an ‘’extraordinary gift for hope , a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which is not likely i shall ever find again ‘’(2). His fascination and aknowledgement of Gatsby’s idealism promps the reader to reflect on the promise and the hope the future holds for such an individual and for the tragism of his existence. Carraway becomes reliable as a visionary for he is able to rise above the particular events epicted in the story , revealing a universal and tragic meaning in Gastby’s fate ; that of America itself for the hero personifies th seeker of ‘’ his personal Grail ‘’ in the same way Americans pursue their ideals in their quest for national identity. But as the story unfolds the attitude of the narrator becomes more and more ambivalent ‘’ I was within and without simultaneausly enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life’’ . Carraway sees both the sordidness and superficiality of the New York rich class and its thrill and excitement. In this respect he becomes a mediator between the wealthy , rootless society within which the Buchanans assert themselves and the world of Gastby’s romantic imagination and illusion that transcends the novel . Fitzgerald manages to create 2 essential polarities that go to make up the human mind (103 , Mizener). From an allegorical point of view Nick symbolizes ‘’reason , experience , waking, reality and history while Gastby is imagination , innocence, sleeping , dream and eternity. ’’ (103) The former’s consciousness includes the latter’s developpment in the novel for ‘’not only oes he mediate between the world of Gastby and the Buchanans but also between the text and Fitzgerald’s use of him as a narrator. ‘’(98, Mizener) Altough Nick Carraway seems to understand the hero’s fate because he was taught by his father not to judge the people around him as not all of them partook of ‘’the advantages he had’’ the reader perceives a sense of unrealibility and detachment from his part. Nick’s perspective on Gatsby changes all along while he gets more involved in his life and that of the other characters. Nick listens to confessions since’’ he is a little afraid of missing something ‘’(1) but ‘’he judges and condemns practically everything and everyone he meets in the course of the novel. ’’(132,Donaldson) such as Tom Buchanan’s looks and behaviour , Jordan’s shallowness , Daisy and Gastby’s inconsistencies of character , adding an ironic tone to his observations . Another situation relevant to Nick being unreliable is given by the fact that he doesn’t try to pay justice to Gatsby , telling Tom the truth about Myrtle’s accident. He keeps himself at a certain distance creating the impression that sometimes he knows more than what is really happening and other times exhibiting less than what is actually required. Concerning this aspect the ending becomes even more paradoxical when Carraway decides to retreat home while making a nostalgic connection between his childhood and the West. His departure ‘’parallels Gastby’s desire to buy back the past as well as reaffirm the last words of the novel – that American destiny to ‘’beat on boats against the current borne back easeleslly into the past. (182 ) ‘’(106, Lehan) Taking into consideration the challenging aspects of the narrator’s voice the reader is stimulated to determine Nick’s role in the novel and notice the complexity of Fitzgerald’s character while maintaining a certain degree of partiality . In coming to this conclusion I incline to say that however credible Gatsby’s story may be , the reader is free to grasp a larger significance that is implied in the novel which accounts for the growth and decline of the 20th century American nation.

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Media and Nursing Essay

The differences between nurses at the associate degree level verses the competencies of a baccalaureate degree level is skill and education. Skills and knowledge are needed to provide safe and competent care regardless of what level of nursing that you are pursuing. According to the journal, Associate degree level nurses are trained more so at the bedside level. The Baccalaureate level nurse are trained to think and critically and solve problems. The Associate level nurse are trained to asses and look for abnormal findings such as abnormal blood pressures, a CHF patient with a significant weight gain in twenty four hours. The Baccalaureate level nurses are trained to think critically and solve problems. Although both levels are required to use critical thinking skills to pass the state board exam, the baccalaureate level nursing goes more in depth on how to utilize these skills. The Associate Nurse basically provides care for the patient, this includes completing all activities of daily living, assessing the skin, obtaining vital signs, obtaining lab samples, starting peripheral lines or administering intravenous fluids. The Baccalaureate level nurse educate the patient and attempt to prevent worsening conditions, the baccalaureate level nurse also instructs and educates the patient to monitor their surgical sites for signs and symptoms of infections such as redness, swelling, or drainage and to report the findings immediately. The BSN advises and instructs the patient to report signs and symptoms of pain at the earliest onset. The BSN advises the patient on the importance of reporting these findings. The Baccalaureate Nurse is in most cases a charge nurse who deals with staffing issues and deals with unit emergencies as they may arise. A senior Associate level nurse may be a charge nurse based on years of experience, knowledge and practice. Although both levels must have clinical competence they have different levels of knowledge used in the practice of nursing. According to the Journal of Professional Nursing Issue in May 2008, the educational preparation of nurses must provide the necessary skills and foundation for graduates to practice at a level of competency and safety (www. library. gcu. edu). This writer has personally witnessed a BSN level urse; actually a couple, that are new graduates who are not competent. They were obtaining blood pressures and was not sure how to place the cuff on properly or where to place the stethoscope on the patient’s arm and then they asked, â€Å" how do you know which on is the systolic and which is diastolic. This writer was frantic but as an associate level nurse eager to assist these new graduates on the proper way of obtaining a blood pressure and they were very appreciative. In thinking about this question further about entry into practice, I had to do some reflection. As I come from an AD program, I have to say that for the time (graduated 2007), and for the expectations of entry-level RN practice at that time, I received the most complete and comprehensive education that I could have ever asked for at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, Florida. I knew I was prepared to begin working as a safe, competent professional and I quickly learned as I worked alongside new BSN graduates that I was more clinically prepared in many ways. That being said, I also knew that if I wanted to have more choice with regard to my future, I would have to pursue at minimum a BSN. So, I find a definitive answered to the question posed to be difficult. Regarding ENTRY into practice, I believe that an AD program prepared nurse can be a huge asset to nursing practice, and in many ways is more prepared now than even I was with regard to some issues (e. g. : critical thinking and competency and skills). In light of the current shortage, as well as other issues, the reality is that AD program graduates are here to stay, due to the fact that they are geared for bedside nursing and the acute care setting is becoming more prominent. I do believe that if possible, a student should pursue BSN education in the nearest future to advance in knowledge and education, but there are often obstacles to that for some students. This nurse has enjoyed being at the AND level working closely with the patients at the bedside, working closely with the Primary Care Providers and all of the members of the Interdisciplinary team, but now I feel that there are more marketable opportunities as a BSN level nurse. At the end of the day it does not matter what level nursing you are on, you must keep the patient’s best interest as far as safety and education level at heart. The more you enhance and advance your knowledge the more you can teach your patients about prevention and safety. The health care field is however becoming more demanding as far as medically and requiring employees to be technology savvy. So to summarize, the AND level nurse is trained for the bedside and the BSN level nurse is trained more so to think critically and to solve problems.

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Casino Royale Opening Sequence Analysis Essay Sample

Casino Royale begins with a pre-credit sequence that gives the audience a obscure penetration into the narrative of the movie. that is about to unknot. While most Bond films start with the hallmark gun barrel sequence. Casino Royale was the first Bond film to get down with a pre-credit sequence that tied into the gun barrel sequence. Casino Royale besides does non integrate female figures in the gap credits and alternatively uses the James Bond character as the cardinal figure. The pre-credit sequence has been edited into black and white. which is a intervention form. and uses rather a contrast of the two colorss. particularly in the violent bathroom scene. The usage of visible radiation and shadow is besides a major intervention form used. where the light appears to be more settled on Bond’s face ( the ally ) and the shadow is more prone to MI6 subdivision head. Dryden’s face. to bespeak the relationship between the good and the bad. A Walther PPK gun was used in the movie Casino Royale. this symbolizes Bond as a superior character. and besides gives him his dual 0 position. This gun besides suits his character. an MI7 agent. as another gun. such as a western gun. would non function its intent in the movie. At the really beginning of the pre-credit sequence. an analytical shooting of the lift Numberss increasing appears. the Numberss increase up to figure 6. screening that the following degree would be 7. This connects to James Bond being 007 and that Dryden is about to meet him in his office room. on the 7th floor. The edifice that first appears has the text â€Å"PRAGUE† appear on the screen. this is a Eastern European topographic point and could besides associate the Bond’s foremost kill ( Fisher ) as he besides appears to be Eastern European. The first shooting the audience receives of Dryden is a low camera angle shooting. this gives him a high position and besides indicates that he is rather a powerful adult male. Shot-reverse-shot is used in the duologue between Bond and Dryden. in-between this are speedy cuts to a flashback of a violent bathroom scene where Bond is doing his first putting to death. this makes it more edgy/jumpy for the audience. The flashback is evidently in the past and this is a contrast to the present footage that is besides being shown. the usage of colors is besides contrasting as the flashback uses more inauspicious colors to the present. Switch overing between two narratives relates to Bond’s foremost and 2nd putting to death. his first in the flashback and his approaching 2nd. to have his dual 0 position. it shows that he is a extremely skilled MI7 agent and give the audience an penetration into the remainder of the movie. Other analytical shootings are used foremost when Dryden opens the drawer in which contains his gun and back a really speedy analytical shooting of a framed image of Dryden’s household. merely before he dies. these are used to give more elaborate narrative information. An set uping shooting is used at the really beginning of the debut. it shows the exterior of the edifice and so the following shooting shows the interior of the edifice. Reaction shootings are besides used in the pre-credit sequence. the first reaction shooting is a close up of Bond’s face after his first kill demoing a spot of sorrow. but his reaction shooting of his 2nd putting to death is besides a stopping p oint up but shows that Bond is more happy with himself this clip and more please of what he has accomplished. as he has now succeeded in killing two people. The gait of the flashback scene is really speedy and shows that the violent death is done suddenly. seeking to acquire it over with where-as Bond’s second putting to death is more drawn out and has more significance to it. for illustration. Bond has a conversation with his victim foremost. The music in the flashback besides is really loud. which is non-diegetic. and besides adds to the edgy and jumpy tenseness that is put across. A lone auto drawing into a parking batch and the sound of footfalls on a cold difficult floor are diegetic sounds that are used in the debut to depict the surrounding environment. it indicates that there is no 1 about apart from Dryden and gives the feeling that the edifice is empty. However this merely adds to the tenseness even more as James Bond fans know that the movies are normally â€Å"action-packed† and that something exciting is bound to go on shortly. There is a representation of two different societal categories in the pre-credit sequence. it portrays Dryden as a more upper category adult male. with the manner he looks and the manner he speaks. where as Bond ( Daniel Craig ) looks more thuggish and like he is out to kill. The audience is merely introduced to males in the pre-credit sequence but it portrays them with more power and position within the movie. nevertheless Bond movies are known to include the celebrated â€Å"Bond girls† . and nevertheless naive they may look. they do excessively besides have a batch of power and can play a chief portion in the violent scenes. The narrative in the debut is in the stage of orientation. as it foremost introduces us to a few of the characters and besides indicates the initial state of affairs. it allows the audience to believe further into the narrative about what is traveling to go on. The debut can besides move as something for the audience to associate back to in the terminal to understand the significance of peculiar fortunes. At the terminal of the pre-credit sequence it is still on the flashback footage and the adult male who we think Bond has killed gets up with a gun to hit at Bond but so the audience is placed inside the shaft of a gun as Bond turns rapidly around and fires straight at the camera. go forthing a drip of blood buttocks. The celebrated James Bond subject melody so begins. Hearing this signature entirely is adequate to suggest that one is about to see a James Bond film. which follows an established set of criterions. The audience is prepared to see the new Bond miss. the new appliances a nd vehicles. the new stunts. and the new secret plan that ever consequences with James Bond salvaging the universe from immorality.

Team and leadership db5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Team and leadership db5 - Essay Example Others usually report late, hardly understands instructions, show signs of unwillingness, and lack of commitment. These are some of the challenges I have encountered as an assistant project manager. Warren & Biederman (1997) believes that sometimes, it is difficult to bring the employees on board to work together. Conversely, I have had numerous occasions when I have worked successfully with different people at the university. I had the opportunity of being appointed the group leader of student’s discussion groups. Most of the student were very ambitious and worked smoothly to ensure they attained their goals. I suppose it was easy to work with the students since they were eager to attain high grades in their final examination; they were all geared towards a general path, success. Working with the students was easy because they understood that the team is capable of broadening what individuals can do. They also understood that teamwork improves efficacy, creates a wider range of ideas, provides relief when someone has a problem, and team member learns skills from their colleagues (Katzenbach & Douglas, 1993). In short, working as a team can be quite impressive and quite devastating depending on the perception of every team member. Nonetheless, building a team remains a challenge for many team leaders. Above all, it is noteworthy to build a strong team to ensure that projects are successful and efficient (Geoffrey,

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Amino Acid Found in the Protein Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Amino Acid Found in the Protein - Assignment Example In this pathway, regulation is majorly dependent on both positive and negative feedback mechanisms. Specifically, the positive feedback control mechanism is essential in the ripening of fruits and senescence of flowers. In tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), there is an upsurge in ethylene production after exposure to exogenous ethylene. This, in turn, activates the activity of 1-Aminocyclopropane -1- Carboxylate Synthase. The role of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylate Synthase with regard to the ripening of fruits was first demonstrated in the year 1991. In this experiment, its role was fully understood in transgenic tomato plants that expressed the protein antisense Ribonucleic acid (RNA). Further experimental studies involving mutagenesis and crystallization of the enzyme, three-dimensional structures as well as amino acid residues have been of core importance in understanding its role. ACC synthase is beneficial in a number of ways including induction of apoptosis by oxidative stres s, response to both external stimulus and ethylene. ACC synthase is important in cellular response to iron ions. Additionally, the protein plays a vital role in response to wounding, mechanical stimulus as well as jasmonic acid. This protein is expressed during various developmental and growth stages such as anthesis, leaf senescence, bilateral and globular stage. Within the plant cell, at the molecular level, this enzyme is important in protein binding and is expressed in the flowers, leaf apex, embryo, stem and the leaves (Alexander and Don 2032).

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Inflating Value Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Inflating Value - Essay Example One ethical issue that prevails in Jack’s case is the conflict of interest regarding the moral uprightness in professional undertakings. Apparently, there are conflicting values as to whether Jack should prioritize professional integrity, or whether he should prioritize the interests of his superiors. Apparently, changing the peer group would undervalue ABC Lighting and increases the potential of upsetting superiors, especially the managing director and the client; hence compromising Jack’s prospects of being touched by the investment bank after graduation. On the contrary, knowingly inflating the value of the company constitutes the lack of integrity in duty performance. In essence, conflicts of interest emerge whenever employees feel obliged to please and respect a rigid chain of command within an organization. When under conflicts of interest, employees are expected to uphold the ethical principle of integrity.Apparently, the investment bank has an extremely strict c hain of command. In such organizational cultures, subordinate employees can only report to their immediate superiors. Therefore, Jack should report the issue to David, his Associate. As a financial analyst, Jack is professionally obliged to perform his duties in an objective and accurate manner. Therefore, he should mention that to the best of his knowledge, the peer group selected for the valuation exercise by his Associate is not accurate, and that he is technically conflicted as to whether due diligence should be followed in selecting companies to form the right peer group.

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Christian Counseling Ethics By Randolph Sanders Essay

Christian Counseling Ethics By Randolph Sanders - Essay Example From this research it is clear that  in the first section of the book, The Christian Practitioner, chapters included are ‘Essential Elements for Ethical Counsel’ by Horace C. Lukens Jr., ‘Qualifications of the Christian Mental Health Professional’ by Richard E. Butman, ‘Pastors Who Counsel’ by Bill Blackburn, ‘Sexual Misconduct & the Abuse of Power’ by John F. Shackelford and Randolph K. Sanders, and ‘Christian Responses to the Unethical Healer’ by Ioma L. Hawkins and Colleen K. Benson. In his article, Horace C. Lukens Jr. deals with various significant elements of ethical counseling including confidentiality, informed consent to treatment, documentation, ending treatment, and dual relationships. Richard E. Butman, in his article, makes a reflective analysis of the various essential qualifications of the Christian mental health professional and he defines competence of the Christian counselors.  This study outlines that  more significantly, he offers ten guidelines for improving the competence of Christian clinicians. In the chapter ‘Pastors Who Counsel’, Bill Blackburn deals with topics such as pastoral counseling in context, the Pastor as Shepherd, integrity of the Pastor, the ethics of referral, and boundary issues, etc and provides general guidelines for pastoral counseling.  Business Ethics in Mental Health Service’ which gives revealing ideas of the business of mental health, truth in advertising, payment for services, and interactions inside and outside the workplace.... opics such as 'Ethics' versus 'Christian Ethics', professional ethics, ethics in context and as content, ethical theory, and social ethics, public policy and consensus. According to Alan C. Tjeltveit, psychotherapy is an extremely and pervasively ethical endeavor and the Christian ethics dynamically supports as well as sharply challenges the ethical positions represented in various forms of therapy. He also maintains that Christian ethics have much to learn from psychotherapists and it is essential for the Christian clients and therapists to engage in substantive reflection on the ethical dimensions of therapy. In the first section of the book, The Christian Practitioner, chapters included are 'Essential Elements for Ethical Counsel' by Horace C. Lukens Jr., 'Qualifications of the Christian Mental Health Professional' by Richard E. Butman, 'Pastors Who Counsel' by Bill Blackburn, 'Sexual Misconduct & the Abuse of Power' by John F. Shackelford and Randolph K. Sanders, and 'Christian Responses to the Unethical Healer' by Ioma L. Hawkins and Colleen K. Benson. In his article, Horace C. Lukens Jr. deals with various significant elements of ethical counseling including confidentiality, informed consent to treatment, documentation, ending treatment, and dual relationships. Richard E. Butman, in his article, makes a reflective analysis of the various essential qualifications of the Christian mental health professional and he defines competence of the Christian counselors. More significantly, he offers ten guidelines for improving the competence of Christian clinicians. In the chapter 'Pastors Who Counsel', Bill Blackburn deals with topics such as pastoral counseling in context, the Pastor as Shepherd, integrity of the Pastor, the ethics of referral, and boundary issues, etc

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Land law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Land law - Essay Example in respect of the land., these can be express covenants agreed between the parties or implied covenants as a matter of law (implied could be the obligation of the tenant to pay rent under the equitable lease. (Shiloh Spinners v Harding)1). Lord Templeman in Street v Mountford2 said that the essential feature of a lease is that exclusive possession of the property is given to a person for specified term, in return of rent. The most important issues in respect of exclusive possession is the fact that it gives ownership to the person for a specified period of time, and because of it being a proprietary interest, it can be assigned, and may be binding on subsequent owners of reversion. In the case of a license it is more of a personal right, binding on parties who created it. (Lloyd v. Dugdale)3. Furthermore, in the case of leases the landlord’s right is restricted to remove tenants and to set rent, this is contrary to what happens in the case of licences. Therefore the distinctio n of lease and licence is of the essence. The deciding factor in respect of lease and licence is that of exclusive possession. Exclusive possession is determined by the facts and surrounding circumstances and other factors. Labels in themselves are therefore not decisive, and so the intention of the parties are not relevant, but the substance of rights that have been created have been construed to be relevant. There are certain exemptions where even if the occupier is in exclusive possession a lease is not created ( Lord Denning in Facchini v Bryson)4. In accordance with Lord Templeman in Street, the fact that the substance of agreement and not the label, is what is important, restricts the situations whereby a license would be construed. From the facts, it can be construed that exclusive possession was granted to Tom. The next element that is important is the fact that it must be for a certain term. This is clearly the case as Lionel agreed to grant Tom a lease for five years. The next element of tenancy is that of rent as specified by Lord Templeman in Street. Clearly Tom was under an obligation pay the rent as well as the premium. Thus in the current situation a lease has been created. As far as creation of a lease is concerned, that is done in two stages, the first being the contract being concluded so as to grant a lease between the landlord and tenant, and the next step is that of the execution of the contract by grant of lease by deed. For the existence of a legal lease of more than three years or where a premium is charged are legal only if they are executed by deed, a requirement under section 52(1) of the Law of Property act 1925. A deed has been defined as a formal written document and in accordance with section 1 of Law of Property (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act 1989, a said document is construed to be a deed only if it expressly declared itself to be a deed and is witnessed by one other person. As far as equitable leases are concerned, they tend t o exist when an enforceable contract is entered into between the landl

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Movie Alice in wonderland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Movie Alice in wonderland - Essay Example Tim Burton’s portrayal of Underland is visually unique as is his point of view. Burton as director is essential to the overall look and feel of the film. This film grossed $319.3 million at the box office and DVD sales to date. The setting of the film at times is rather creepy. This Alice is unlike any others in the Alice and Wonderland films previously made. Alice is curious, but strong willed and not easily swayed into what she, eventually, does by the end of the film. Alice is visually stunning, but the portrayal by the actors is weak, the story itself is rather weak. For a fantasy film it works, little kids would enjoy this film, as well, but the action and adventure is just not something that Alice in Wonderland should have shown. For a fantasy film, I would need to see at least the following three criteria. First, it must be visually stunning, Star Wars saga falls here. Second, it must have strange and unique creatures to its world, e.g. Hobbit / Lord of the Rings movies. And third, there must be a quest which the lead character needs to complete, whether or not it is destined for him or his own altogether, Harry Potter saga. Alice in Wonderland is visually stunning. From the colorations of the wardrobe to the design of the characters themselves, Tim Burton has a knack for stunning visualization. And like Star Wars, which is visually stunning with a grimy feeling to it, Alice in Wonderland, with its gothic, dark feeling to it, still is quite visually stunning with the varied shapes of the settings, to the wardrobe and the make-up of each and every character in the story. The visuals of a boring party, even felt as though it were stuffy in the room as I watched this scene, to the many different place in Undeland (as Wonderland is called in this film) where the visuals change and your feelings to go along right with them.At one point in the film, shortly after Alice arrives in

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A critical evaluation of the role of Friends of the Earth in the Essay

A critical evaluation of the role of Friends of the Earth in the development of policy responses to climate change in the United Kingdom - Essay Example Thus, one can easily relate Climate Change to the Global Financial Crisis, as the latter seems to be the deterring point behind the ignorance on the former. However, this isn’t the point where it can be established that Climate Change is a lost cause. Instead, a few examples can still be narrated where government involvement led toward policy responses, and that too legally binding in context to the state legislation. The scholarship on climate change indicates that government involvement with the issue is very critical to resolving the crisis at hand. Also, the efforts that are already being done must be rocketed by taking the crucial stakeholders into confidence. In other words, theoretical paradigms in climate change studies indicate that the social interest groups or volunteer organizations can play a positive role in bringing the issue on agenda, and once the issue transforms into a political one legislations are bound to be designed. However, certain steps need to be fol lowed which includes; developing or identifying non-environmental leadership, initiating action in the community, changing lifestyles and lastly transforming it into a global effort. Policy responses on the issue of climate change will only result after the intermingling of three actors; normative rationale on part of government, citizen`s will to take action and accurate consultation designs by organizations/individuals having expertise. To prove the point, a critical analysis of the organization functioning actively in the UK, the Friends of the Earth can be quite insightful. The organization reached a huge breakthrough in 2008, when after many concerted efforts; they were able to incorporate the Climate Change Act of 2008 in the UK, with binding legislations aiming at controlling the environmental damages via limiting carbon emitting gases. The organization i.e. Friends of the Earth initiated their campaign by publishing

Character, Dignity, and Self-Respect Essay Example for Free

Character, Dignity, and Self-Respect Essay This paper will summarize the movie Glory and relate one or two characters to Aristotle, Epictetus, and Saint Augustine on character, dignity, and self-respect. Alina Campbell This paper will summarize the movie Glory and relate one or two characters to Aristotle, Epictetus, and Saint Augustine on character, dignity, and self-respect. The movie Glory is based on a true story about the Commander of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry which was the first black regiment to be listed in the service of the United States. It is based on the letters by Col. Robert Shaw. Col. Shaw felt he was involved in something that he was not completely sure about, considering he had previously lost a lot of soldiers to battle. He was now faced with survivor’s guilt which he knew would heal in time. Shaw later became a mighty leader that lead the black regiment to take on the battle in Fort Wagner. Aristotle Character is mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Aristotle believed character to be neither a feeling or a capacity or a mere tendency to act in certain ways (Sommers amp; Sommers, 2010). He believed instead that character was a settled condition we are in when we are well off in relation to our feelings and our actions. The virtues of character are dispositions to act in a certain way in response to similar situations. Good conduct arises from habits that in turn can only be acquired by repeated action and correction. Col. Robert Gould Shaw fits Aristotle’s view of Character best in my opinion. He was not only the commander of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, their voice. The black men that fought with Shaw were slaves that wanted to fight for their freedom. When Shaw was told of the United States Government planning to form this regiment of black soldiers he agreed to take the Commanding position. He then asked his best friend Major Cabot Forbes to fight along with him and Forbes accepted. At one point Shaw fights for these men to get the proper uniform and boots. He also refuses pay along with them after finding out that they are paid less than the white soldiers. Both Shaw and Forbes strongly connected with this group of men: the angry Private Trip (Denzel Washington); Private Jupiter Sharts (Jhine Kennedy); Corporal Thomas Searles (Andre Braugher), a very smart and educated man that grew up with Shaw and worked for Shaw’s father, and Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman), a runaway slave who speaks with the voice of wisdom and reason. Dignity is the state of quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Aristotle’s view on dignity consists of the consciousness that we deserve honors, not in processing them. You cannot earn dignity through external awards; instead it is something you bestow upon yourself. â€Å"Dignity consists not in possessing recognition from others, but in consciousness that we deserve recognition from others† (Sommers amp;Sommers, 2010). The character played by Morgan Freeman, Rawlings, knew that being a slave was not worth much, so he decided to help Shaw fight the battle at Fort Wagner. Forbes also displayed dignity in the movie. Forbes was Col. Shaw’s best friend and is who told Col. Shaw of this regiment. Due to the type of relationship the two had, Col. Shaw asked Forbes to come along with him to prepare the black slaves. Forbes agreed and stood by Col. Shaw and these black men through the name calling, getting the proper shoes, and receiving their uniforms like the white soldiers had while fighting in the Civil War. Aristotle describes the position of character, dignity and self- respect as character being a state concern with choice, lying in a mean relative to us, that this is determined by reason and in such a way that a man of wisdom would determine it. It is a mean between two vices that depends on excess that depends on defect (Sommers amp; Sommers, 2010) Aristotle feels neither a feeling nor a capacity nor a tendency to behave in specific ways. It is the settled condition we are in when we are well off in a relation to our feelings and actions when we are in a mean or intermediate state in regard to them. Meaning we have a vicious character that we are badly off in relation to feeling and actions, and we fail the means in regards to them. The character that I felt showed this type of role would be Denzel and Andre’s characters, known as Trip and Thomas. Trip was a runaway slave that was very angry. He didn’t have anybody and had been previously beaten several times. Trip had specific thoughts of the white man and they were that the slaves were seen as monkeys. He thought that the slaves should be dressed up in uniform and fight, since the white men would only get themselves killed and wouldn’t be able to win. Andre Braugher played Thomas. He was an educated man that had worked for Col. Shaw’s father. He believed that black men should know how to read and have pride within themselves. In the movie Glory, Thomas had learned to take a lot. Thomas assumed that since he and Col. Shaw were close friends that he would be treated a bit differently, but to his surprise, he was called out by his best friend to train a lot faster than he was and then yelled at. Thomas learned much at the end of the movie, including self-respect. Thomas had been shot in a previous battle and he asked Col. Shaw to promise that he wouldn’t send him back, which Shaw didn’t allow Thomas to continue in battle. Later in the movie, Col. Shaw asks who would be willing to standin the place of the flagman, should something happen, and Thomas stated that he would and did. Epictetus Epictetus held the Orthodox Stoic view that everything in the universe is directed by divine will. Epictetus was different from the early stoics in that he believed happiness was found in maintaining one’s moral character as opposed to striving for moral excellence. He emphasized self-knowledge and keeping one’s moral character in order as the way to achieve a happy life. Epictetus warned his students to expect persecution since their actions and attitudes would be different from those around them. He encouraged them to view life as an athletic challenge, a festival or a short military service, where success would come from a combination of correct choices and skill. Epictetus believed that â€Å"grief was the most offensive emotion; he considered the suffering of grief as an act of evil. It was a willful act, going against the will of God to have all men share happiness† (Stockdale, 1995). Col. Robert Shaw, through his personal growth and internal realizations fulfilled his leadership duties on the battlefield, as well as beyond. He chose to take the beliefs he had from his life prior to war to another level. Shaw struggled with the question of equality among the races yet he recognized the character and desires of the Black Americans and chose to act on their behalf as well as the Unions. Shaw felt that his soldiers, regardless of color, deserved respect just as much as the white soldiers. Shaw was willing to not take pay to make a point that his soldiers deserved the same pay as their fellow white soldiers. He stuck his neck out to make sure they received the proper gear in order to fight. Shaw had finally decided to not let the grief from the prior battle to control him, he chose to help in the happiness of the slaves and continue to fight for their freedom. Saint Augustine Augustine’s approach was not just brilliant, it was practical. His insight is intellectually credible and emotionally satisfying in that it gives hope and offers meaning to the Christian trying to make sense out of life in a fallen world (Sommers amp; Sommers, 2010). To Augustine, anything that had being was good. Good as the ground of being was perfectly good, along with everything he brought into being. This goodness was a property that came in varying degrees. The obstacles that Col. Robert Gould Shaw had to overcome is the fact that he failed in battle another time. He had to pick himself back up, and he then led the black regiment in the Civil War and was refused to let these black soldiers be treated with any less respect than the white soldiers. Another hardship that Col. Shaw and his black soldiers had to endure was the fact they were getting under paid, they were not given the proper shoes to march in, and the fact they were not given the proper uniforms like the other soldiers. Col. Shaw had shown a life of character, dignity and self- respect by being the honorable Commander that he was. Col. Shaw never let others views get in the way of his personal view of his soldiers. Col. Shaw had self- respect even though he had been defeated, prior to leading the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry soldiers with dignity and never gave up on them.  He was a man that believed in faith and that the black soldiers were no different than any others.

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Geography of Time Essay Example for Free

Geography of Time Essay The sixth chapter â€Å"Where is Life Faster† discusses differences between life tempos in different cultures trying to reveal in what culture life is the fastest. The author writes that it is very interesting for him to compare one culture to another because a lot of unknown facts contributing development of psychological studies will be identified. Authors’ comparison focuses on time and speed of life. Cultural tempo is argued to affect the quality of human life. Nevertheless, it may be tricky to compare different cultures because labeling individuals should have scientific or psychological basis. It is necessary to go beyond the boundaries in order to measure the tempo of life with accuracy and objectivity. The author finds it interesting to compare indicator of speed in working office in different countries. However, the research has failed as the author needed to find observable jobs and workers should be residents of particular country. Research at gas station has failed as well, because such businesses are not equivalent across countries. According to author’s research, the fastest countries are Japan and Western European countries. Western Europe has nine fastest countries and Japan is the only Asian countries with life tempo. The fist place in West Europe is given to Switzerland, whereas the second is given to Ireland. Ireland is characterized by the fastest walking speed, whereas Switzerland is characterized by the splendid findings. Surprisingly, New York hasn’t gained the highest scores as some workers in office move very slowly. In contrast, the slowest speed of life is observed in non-industrialized countries and it is the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The slowest is claimed to be Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. Daily life in these countries is very slow and Brazilians, for example, â€Å"not only expected the casual approach of life, but had abandoned any semblance to of fidelity to the clock†. (p. 136) In such a way the author shows that there are many ways to measure speed of life and the results shows that different cultures has their own life tempo. Further, the author compares Japan, the USA and Western Europe to identify which of the countries is La Dolce Vita. Much of European countries are characterized by opportunities to relax and in the pleasures of good life. Therefore, Levine suggests that La dolce Vita is easier for Europeans rather than for Asians and Africans. For example, Japanese work harder and have less time for relaxing. Europeans are claimed to live better than Americans. La Dolce Vita is welcomed in Italy as they try to balance hard work and leisure. It is necessary to underline that working week is longer in the USA than in most of European countries. However, Japan is characterized by the longest working week. For more than half a century the working week hasn’t been changed and it is argued that time for leisure is decreasing in the country and the nation has less time for themselves. In contrast, in Europe the tendency to work has been replaced by the tendency to relax. For example, without leisure workers in France are more irritating and nervous. Therefore, Western Europeans have more vacation time. For example, in France â€Å"workers by law receive at least five weeks and often six weeks of paid vacation†. (p. 143) When comparing countries examples of cultural differences are seen the most. However, speed of life varies across cities and regions of one country. It is true for the USA as well as the country is very large and each state has its own traditions and customs. The slightest geographical shifts are profound and for example, moving from Oklahoma to Texas is viewed as â€Å"entering France, say, out of Switzerland†. (p. 146) The author is willing to reveal whether there are differences between New York and other large cities. Research results demonstrate that Northeastern United States is viewed as fast-spaced, whereas Californians are more relaxed. Boston and New York are the fastest cities in the country, whereas Los-Angeles is claimed to be one of the slowest in the country. One of the biggest challenges was to measure accurately walking speed as in some regions it was hard to find any walkers at all.

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Analysis of Apple and its marketing strategies

Analysis of Apple and its marketing strategies This report analyses information and facts on the apple iPad in relation to the product itself and the marketing strategies of Apple. It provides an over view of the product such as the brand, pricing and application. The report focus on the identification and development of the primary target markers to create a profile which will help explain the product life cycle of the iPad. In Australia both models of the iPad were released in May 28, 2010 this report will cover both of these. Apples iPad is already huge. In fact, after just its first quarter of sales, its already the companys third-biggest business segment. In the June quarter, the iPad business generated $2.2 billion of revenue for Apple. Thats more than Apples iPod business generated last quarter $1.5 billion. (Though the cheaper iPod obviously had larger unit sales.) And its almost half as big as Apples 26-year-old Mac business, which put in its best quarter ever at $4.4 billion. Very impressive. And the fact that the ipad and Mac can apparently coexist is especially good news for Apple. Read more: Frommer (2010, p.1 of 4) Introduction This report has been prepared to provide facts, details and information relating to the Apple iPad. The best way to experience the web, email, photo and video. Hands down. Apple (2010, p.1 of 7). This quote is taken from Apples website on the iPads features, it shows the way Apple has chosen to market and present the iPad as the one shop for an ever changing environment in which we are always on the move. 2.0 Overview 2.1 The Brand The growth of Apple around the world has led to expantial growth in sales of Apple products since the start of the company on April 1, 1976 .The Company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, with Ronald selling his share in the company back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800 in 1977. From 1976 until 1982 Apple released three personal computers, these were all over priced and werent taken up by the market. Then Apple released its iMac along with its new g laptop range as Steve Jobs returned and we also saw an increase in 1996 of the share price to $24.19 followed by another substantial increase in 1998 with the release of the iMac, shares hit $41.00. 10 Jan 2006 15à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ³ Macbook Pro and iMac 28 Feb 2006 Mac mini 24 April 2006 17à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ³ Macbook Pro 13 May 2006 13à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ³ Macbook 7 Aug 2006 Mac Pro Below is the Apple Product Timeline (Wikipedia, 2010, p1) This timeline of Apple products is a list of all stand-alone Apple II, Macintosh, and other computers, as well as computer peripherals, expansion cards, software, ancillary products, and consumer electronics sold by Apple Inc. in order of introduction date ( Wikipedia, 2010, p1). 2.2 The iPad The Apple iPad was released on two different dates depending on the model you wanted: the Wi-Fi model (U.S.) April 3, 2010  (2010-04-03) and Wi-Fi + 3G Model (U.S.) April 30, 2010. It was released May 28, 2010 worldwide with pre order numbers going into the thousands. The Technical Specifications are as following: -Wireless and cellular support with the production of two different models one with wireless and cellular and one with just wireless. -Apples own 1 GHz Apple A4 chip this is the same used in the iphone 4. The storage in the iPad is 16 64 GB of Flash storage; flash is the fastest current storage method in terms of types of hard drive Bluetooth 2.1 802.11n this is the latest standard of wireless technology with transfer rates of up to 600 Mbit/s being achieved Speaker, microphone and 30-pin connector 9.7 inch IPS LED backlit LCD combined with 10 hours of battery life Half an inch thick Accelerometer and Compass and Assisted GPS and Digital Compass (3G version only) 3G UMTS/HSPDA and GSM/EDGE data (optional) 3.5mm headphone jack VGA out support or AV out via dock connector and converter cable. Warren (2010, p.1 of 5) 2.3 The applications use in everyday life There has been a huge push in the applications available for the iPad with the main updates coming in games that rely on the motion senses in the iPad, social networking applications such as flip board and the last area is business applications such as filemaker. The games are one of the reason the iPad had been such a great success with the world market. This is because people are now looking for new ways to entertain themselves when they are moving around during their day whether this be on trains and buses or when they are waiting for events to start. The iPad is able to play games in high definitions this creates a better and sharper image for the user with games such as Real Racing HD and Touch grind HD. The social network craze has hit the western world with Flipboard, a so-called social magazine viewable on tablet computers that offers content drawn from online social networking sites.  The Apple iPad is said to be the ideal means of reading Flipboard.  McCue is said to wa nt to make technology simple and Flipboard does this for online social networking by making it more accessible. This app pulls links, photos and events directly for social network sites which puts every that people view and look for very day in one place making life simpler. The business side of the iPad is greatly increasing as well with apps like filemaker a Mac database manager. Michaels (2010) the CEO of Apple stated The iphone may fit in your pocket, and the iPad may not be much larger than a hardcover book, but FileMaker thinks it can fit an entire database application on each device.   This evolution of being able to access your data bases and edit it on the fly via 3g wireless connection has huge advantages such as increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Its easier to carry and offers longer battery life than most notebooks which allows it to work well with other apps like macpractice. Macpractice is a Mac package that has all the needed and extra features f or a doctors office. These are some of the reasons I believe that the iPad is slowly becoming a must have product in the 21st century. 3.0 Primary Product Markets 3.0 Product Markets The Apple iPad has come into the market as a niche product but all at a risk to one of Apples largest markets their laptops. This is because the iPad doesnt really seem to sit anywhere as it is not quite a smartphone and so far not your laptop. So what is the Apple iPad being marketed as , my understanding is that it is being marketed as a product to be used wirelessly for business needs to improve productivity and effectiveness or for personal needs such as having a common calendar or phonebook and step-by-step videos. 3.1 Demographic The Definition: a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc.) The demographic of the iPad is complicated because the people buying them are sometimes not the ones necessary using them. The typical person buying ipads are upper class men and women, can be people with one or more incomes and usually aged between 24-40 years old. The other variables such as family size, race, ethnicity and education do not matter with this product. This is because the main barrier stopping people from purchasing this product is the price. With iPod touch prices at A$289.00 for an 8gb and the cheapest macbook(laptop) coming in at A$1249.00 and a iphone 16GB is A$ 859.00 and the cheapest ipad is A$629 for a 16gb Wi-Fi model. This is why Apple released the ipad to be the in between for a iPod touch and macbook. 3.2 Geographic The Definition: study of the earths surface; includes peoples responses to topography and climate and soil and vegetation. The geographic of the iPad is very similar to most technological products with the main market sales being in capital cities with high population areas the highest users and purchases of iPads. Below is a table of shops that stock the sale of iPads in Perth. Shop Name Number of Stores Online store Apple Store 1 Yes Dick Smith 3 yes Next Byte 2 no ProByte 1 yes PRA Imaging 1 Yes T4 Technology 1 No MAXstyle 1 Yes David Jones 1 No Jb Hi-Fi 10 Yes Mac Worx Joondalup 1 No Winthrop UWA 1 No XCITELOGIC PTY LTD 1 No Domayne 1 No Myer 1 No total 26 3.3 Psychographic The Definition: any attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles. There is definitely a high psychographic variable involved in the purchase of an iPad, this comes mainly from lifestyle and motives being the biggest push for people to want to purchase this product. Apple focuss a lot of time and resources into making the iPad seem like it is a need rather than a want, with many online advertising campaigns and TV adverts. These all help to create the need for the iPad and appeal to the personal attributes of the customers. An example of this type of advertising is the Apple iPad Commercial TV Ad (Official) HD on YouTube listed below: 3.4 Behaviouristic The Definition: an approach to psychology focusing on behaviour, denying any independent significance for mind and assuming that behaviour is determined by the environment. The behaviouristic variables of the iPad are the pricing sensitivity, brand loyalty and benefit expectations, these are key in how the iPad has been able to reach such high sales targets. Buskirk E (2010) One million ipads in 28 days thats less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iphone, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs This quote from Steve Jobs show just how explosive the launch of the iPad was, most of these sales were by Apple addicts. These are people who compulsory buy Apple products and have very high brand loyalty with very little price sensitivity and high benefit expectations of achieving a new or high social status by owning the newest Apple gadget .The next lot of buyers in the months after have higher benefit expectations these people that believe they will be given a social status or hierarchy by owning an iPad. 4.0 Product life cycle (PLC) There are five distinct stages in the product life cycle: product development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. This model is used to show the sale and profit stages or patterns in a products life cycle from finish to end. 4.1 Product Development This is when the company starts to develop and work on a new product idea or range; during this stage sales are zero with the company having to invest all the capital behind the product. During this stage of the product I would keep the product idea/range a secret because of how many other companies are looking to enter the market and with the Amazon kindle and Tablet pcs already having been released the iPad would need to be kept under wraps. 4.2 Introduction As a new product much time will be spent by the organisation to create awareness of it presence amongst its target market. Profits are negative or low because of this reason. My understanding is that the iPad skipped this stage because of Apples already large dedicated customer base and with the combination of Apples marketing strategies which they do very well. 4.3 Growth If consumers clearly feel that this product will benefit them in some way and they accept it, the organisation will see a period of rapid sales growth. This I believe is currently where the iPad is now with sales slowing down from the introduction phase but still rising and new features in terms of software updates such as reduced cost of games and applications through the introduction of iADs an advertising platform built into the ios 4 this is the operating system that the iPad currently runs on. At this stage you would want to keep up your marketing strategies and start to lower prices as at the start Apple used a price skimming technique because it was a monopoly market but as competitors enter the market this will push out and slow down the entrance of competition. 4.4 Maturity Rapid sales growth cannot last forever. Sales slow down as the product sales reaches its peak as it has been accepted by most buyers. At this stage you want to be using product mix pricing strategies, this will most likely be in the form of product line pricing, by releasing a new and updated version of the iPad or by optional product/service pricing. In Apples case this would be extended Apple care warranty or by combining the sale of the iPad with other Apple products to compliment the use of the iPad just as Apple wireless router the air port extreme. 4.5 Decline Sales and profits start to decline, the organisation may try to change their pricing strategy to stimulate growth however the product will either have to be re-modified, or replaced within the market. Conclusion

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American Time Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

American Time If I had to point to the one thing that reveals the most about American culture, I would have to say it is our obsession with time. We seem to have this constant fear of â€Å"wasting† time. Our lives are saturated with ways to â€Å"save† time. We see it in our fast food restaurants, ATMs, and even our sayings (â€Å"Time is money†). Why are we like this? What drives us to be eternally searching for ways to speed up our daily routines? Finding these answers means understanding the most basic values of American culture. It is amazing to look at the number of ways that American ingenuity has made almost every aspect of our lives move just a little faster. The most obvious way is our fast food restaurants. With the invention of these we no longer have to wait for a meal. We simply place an order, our food gets pulled out from underneath the heat lamp, and we are on our way. If we’re really in a rush, we can just zip through the drive-through and have our order without ever taking the extra time required to step out of the car and walk into the restaurant. Many drive-through windows even have a little timer on them so you can know just how much time you have saved. Is the food any good? Did you even get the extra sour cream you ordered on that burrito? It doesn’t matter. When was the last time you ate at McDonald’s and thought to yourself, â€Å"Man, this is the best burger I have ever eaten!† Probably never, but I bet you were impressed if you got it extra fast. Banking has also become faster and faster. With the invention of the bank drive-through window and the ATM, we don’t even have to go inside the bank anymore. We just slide in our cards, type in the numbers, and get our money. This is wonderful. I l... ...nother of our cultural values: hard work and productivity. Maybe we need to change this. Perhaps we should learn to value leisure time as well, and stop accusing those who already value leisure time of being lazy. Time for Americans has gotten way out of hand. Of course, it is difficult to change the basic instinct of a culture, but we need to learn to stop obsessing about every minute that we might possibly save or lose. It is entirely too self-destructive—a cultural trait that affects the culture itself in some very negative ways. If it does relate to the â€Å"more factor† then perhaps we should look for something else to find â€Å"more† of. If not, then we should at least learn to be a little less productive and a lot happier in the extra time that we create for ourselves. That should not be too difficult because inventiveness is a part of our culture as well.

The Moral Implications of The Pardoner?s Tale and The Nun?s Priest?s T

During the Middle Ages, England was a nation in social chaos. Deception of every kind was rampart throughout the lands. Many people felt that there was a great need for moral improvement in society. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales he clearly brings to light his thoughts and concerns of â€Å"ethical cleansing.† No tale more fully expresses this idea than that of â€Å"The Pardoner’s Tale† and â€Å"The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.† â€Å"The Pardoner’s Tale† suggests a profile of the Pardoner as a moral man, a man of God. The narrator is viewed as a wise, gentle, and truthful man who wants to share his story in a respectful tone. His story reveals his message, which is that greed leads to destruction and the corruption of all things good. The Pardoner appears to have beliefs that are consistent with the moral of the story. As he describes the journey of the three riders, he recognizes the evils of being greedy. â€Å"For it was utterly the man’s intent/ To kill them both and never to repent†(255). He is perceived as a holy man who values truth and honesty. His tale describes the downfall in man’s pride and arrogance. This is demonstrated through the irony of the three riders as they seek Death, whom they find when they plot against each other for selfish reasons and kill one another. â€Å"They fell on him and slew him, two to one†¦He took a bottle full of poison up/ And drank and his companion drank from it also and they both perished† (256). The Pardoner’s prologue, however, reveals a man dedicated... The Moral Implications of The Pardoner?s Tale and The Nun?s Priest?s T During the Middle Ages, England was a nation in social chaos. Deception of every kind was rampart throughout the lands. Many people felt that there was a great need for moral improvement in society. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales he clearly brings to light his thoughts and concerns of â€Å"ethical cleansing.† No tale more fully expresses this idea than that of â€Å"The Pardoner’s Tale† and â€Å"The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.† â€Å"The Pardoner’s Tale† suggests a profile of the Pardoner as a moral man, a man of God. The narrator is viewed as a wise, gentle, and truthful man who wants to share his story in a respectful tone. His story reveals his message, which is that greed leads to destruction and the corruption of all things good. The Pardoner appears to have beliefs that are consistent with the moral of the story. As he describes the journey of the three riders, he recognizes the evils of being greedy. â€Å"For it was utterly the man’s intent/ To kill them both and never to repent†(255). He is perceived as a holy man who values truth and honesty. His tale describes the downfall in man’s pride and arrogance. This is demonstrated through the irony of the three riders as they seek Death, whom they find when they plot against each other for selfish reasons and kill one another. â€Å"They fell on him and slew him, two to one†¦He took a bottle full of poison up/ And drank and his companion drank from it also and they both perished† (256). The Pardoner’s prologue, however, reveals a man dedicated...

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The Importance of Blake in Today’s World :: Biography Biographies Essays

The Importance of Blake in Today’s World      Ã‚   William Blake, who lived in the latter half of the eighteenth century and the early part of the nineteenth, was a profoundly stirring poet who was, in large part, responsible for bringing about the Romantic movement in poetry; was able to achieve "remarkable results with the simplest means"; and was one of several poets of the time who restored "rich musicality to the language" (Appelbaum v). His research and introspection into the human mind and soul has resulted in his being called the "Columbus of the psyche," and because no language existed at the time to describe what he discovered on his voyages, he created his own mythology to describe what he found there (Damon ix). He was an accomplished poet, painter, and engraver.    Blake scholars disagree on whether or not Blake was a mystic. In the Norton Anthology, he is described as "an acknowledged mystic, [who] saw visions from the age of four" (Mack 783). Frye, however, who seems to be one of the most influential Blake scholars, disagrees, saying that Blake was a visionary rather than a mystic. "'Mysticism' . . . means a certain kind of religious techniques difficult to reconcile with anyone's poetry," says Frye (Frye 8). He next says that "visionary" is "a word that Blake uses, and uses constantly" and cites the example of Plotinus, the mystic, who experienced a "direct apprehension of God" four times in his life, and then only with "great effort and relentless discipline." He finally cites Blake's poem "I rose up at the dawn of day," in which Blake states,    I am in God's presence night & day, And he never turns his face away (Frye 9).    Besides all of these achievements, Blake was a social critic of his own time and considered himself a prophet of times to come. Frye says that "all his poetry was written as though it were about to have the immediate social impact of a new play" (Frye 4). His social criticism is not only representative of his own country and era, but strikes profound chords in our own time as well. As Appelbaum said in the introduction to his anthology English Romantic Poetry, "[Blake] was not fully rediscovered and rehabilitated until a full century after his death" (Appelbaum v). For Blake was not truly appreciated during his life, except by small cliques of individuals, and was not well-known during the rest of the nineteenth century (Appelbaum v).

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Delegation is the assignment Essay

Delegation is the assignment of responsibility or authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities. It is one of the core concepts of management leadership. However, the person who delegated the work remains accountable for the outcome of the delegated work. Delegation empowers a subordinate to make decisions, i.e. it is a shift of decision-making authority from one organizational level to a lower one. delegation is good and can save money and time, help in building skills, and motivate people. Poor delegation, on the other hand, might cause frustration and confusion to all the involved parties. Some agents however do not favour a delegation and consider the power of making a decision rather burdensome. Delegation is about entrusting someone else to do parts of your job A manager alone cannot perform all the tasks assigned to him. In order to meet the targets, the manager should delegate authority managers could greatly reduce their stress by practicing a critical management skill – delegation. Delegation is one of the most important management skills. Good delegation saves the time, develops the subordinates, fosters a successor and motivates. Poor delegation will cause frustration, de-motivation and failures to achieve the task or purpose. Although it is easy to recognize the benefits that accrue from delegation, many managers still resist actually doing it The most important step for delegation is to recognize the common barriers to delegation. These barriers can come from supervisors (leaders), the team members, or the situation. 1. Barriers Related to Supervisor The biggest barrier to effective delegation often comes from supervisors. They must overcome their anxieties about giving others responsibilities in order to gain the benefits of effective delegation. In general, 6 barriers are related with the Barriers to delegation of authority from subordinate side would mean, the difficulties or problems faced by subordinate in accepting and using the authority delegated. These barriers include the following. †¢Authority delegated in theory, but means of exercising the authority not made available. For example, a subordinate may be delegated the authority to buy computer required in his department, but the purchase department drags feet  on actually buying the computer. The worst case of this type may happen when, for example, a project manager is given considerable authority for executing a project, but the project itself is not sanctioned. †¢The subordinate may not have authority over some of the people who must contribute to implementation of decisions made. †¢Required information for making decision may not be available. Many a times other supporting facilities like staff and office space may also be inadequate. †¢The subordinate may be already overburdened wit h work. †¢When a subordinate id delegated authority which elevates his position above those equal or senior to him this may be resented by them. †¢Subordinate may lack the skill and knowledge for effective decision making. †¢Limits of authority delegated not defined clearly. Generally delegation of authority with supposedly no limits is not very effective. †¢The subordinate has no motivation for accepting the additional responsibility that goes with the authority. †¢Authority delegated without matching responsibilities. This can make delegation directionless for the subordinate.

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Critical Movie Review Psychology: Girl, Interrupted Essay

diminutive Movie Review Girl, InterruptedThis pictorial matter revolves about a spring chicken womanhood named Susanna in the 1960s who is experiencing genial subject areas and ends up in a mental foundation. Her move focuses on her relationship with several of the different patients and nurses. At first she doesnt retrieve she is ill, and resists her treatment, instead befriending a nonher patient, Lisa, who takes her on legion(predicate) adventures inside and outside of the hospital. Lisa leads her down the un sequencely path which ends in the shoemakers last of a former patient. This event leads Susanna down the skilful path and she dives into focusing on devising herself well.The lead characters include Susanna, a young woman with borderline mortalality trouble oneself. She doesnt know what she wants to do or where to go in life. She finds herself admitted into a mental institution after victorious a nursing bottleful of aspirin and drinking a bottle of vodka. L isa is a lifer patient in the hospital ward, and she distinctly has some major individualality, social and mental issues. It was never clearly spoken what her diagnosing was, however, some of the other girls on the ward mention sociopath, and criminally insane. She has no empathy for others around her unless it bene get togethers her. She is manipulative and conniving. She uses the weakness of the minds in her isthmus to devil what she wants. This intrigues Susanna, who befriends Lisa, to Susanna, she personifies freedom. Another character is Valerie, a black woman, and head nurse of Susannas ward. She doesnt take any lip, and is a actually strong mother figure in the story. Valerie is a single mother, and I consider this adds to her strength with dealing with the girls in the ward.thither are several mental disorders visualised in Girl, Interrupted. Susanna has borderline personality disorder. This was portrayed very well, considering the clinical description of the disorde r. She feels that cartridge holder suffer go backward and forward, she oftentimes has flashbacks, is generally pessimistic, tends toward the company of men, whereas she is quite promiscuous. Susanna in any case made a feeble stress at suicide by taking aspirin and vodka, which is what landed her in the hospital. Our take for states that one thing borderline disorder sufferers do is threats or attempts at injuring themselves for attention. I rely that the talk and attempts at death are more a send for for help than a desire to defile oneself.Lisa, well, she is textbook sociopathic. She is classically crazy, and portrayed well. Lisa has no empathy or feelings unless she can be benefited. She latches herself onto Susanna because she plans that Susanna can be manipulated. Lisa assigns a lot of effect and false threats to acts of violence. I also believe that Lisa manias the attention, and craves it. She also gets off on releaseing peoples buttons, to see how far she can p ush a person. This was perfectly shown when she and Susanna run extraneous and stay with a former patient, Daisy. Lisa pushes Daisys buttons to a point that she hangs herself. This was a turn of events point in the movie where Susanna realizes that she demand and wants to get better, as well as being able to see Lisa for who she real is.Susanna initially has issues coping with her diagnosis. She believes that her being in the mental hospital is a gambit and a flair to hide her by her parents. She doesnt really translate wherefore she is the air she is, or why she thinks the way she thinks. Befriending Lisa, is her way of rebelling in a minuscular way. She struggles with her diagnosis but after Daisys death, she becomes committed to getting better. She uses the resources of the hospital to get everything off her chest, which makes her feel more normal.Wynona rider and Angelina Jolie did a fantastic job depicting Susanna and Lisa. Ms Rider has perpetually been a fantastic actress and her look is perfect in portraying the malaise of Susanna. You really originate to believe and feel what Susanna feels. One begins to understand the pain and suffering that Susanna is going through. She wants to fit in, maybe too much. Yet she does not want to be like her mother. She wants to be different. She is ambivalent. Ms Jolie, well, she gets the Oscar for being able to show how smart a crazy person can be. Sometimes we think of a person with a mental issue as drooling and head banging. Lisa is very smart. She sees the human beings like no other person can see it. Lisa believes this is an advantage, that she can see the real truth. Ms Jolie put you compensate in the middle of that image and some made one afraid to rotate their door to a stranger.I love this movie. It has been in my collection for years and I have watchedin many times. This time through though, I was really focused on the girls behavior and the symptoms they displayed. Ive eer thought this mo vie applied to me a lot, helping me to suppress some of the feelings I have sometimes, and revealing that I sine qua non to stay on my meds as well. It also helps me know that crazy isnt always crazy and that there is a way to get well, and stay well.

Geology Exam Questions

As playn by an observer on primer coat, a star that is go away from the dry land would oblige ______ light goose egg waves. A. expanded B. compressed *E. twain A and D moleculeic play 18 align 2. The theory that tries to ex unpatterned the melodic line of the innovation revolves nearly the idea that __________. *B. the sure nigrify hole exploded and scattered clouds of uncharged particles travel at high gear velocities 3. What was the startle fixings organize during the creation of the universe? *B. hydrogen 4. Our solar establishment was created by *A. the contraction of clouds of elements origin eachy put one over by the explosion of supernovas 5. Approximately how h 1st-to-goodness is our universe? A. 13. 7 billion old age old 6. instigate is be continuously released within the acres through and through the passage of *C. elements releasing sub touchic particles and losing bus 7. Which of the chase minerals does non plump with the new(prenominal )s? A. pyrite B. bornite C. sphalerite D. cinnabar *E. they in each belong together 8. An priming coatquake is spy off the coast of vancouver Island.Which program line is or so correct *B. S-waves subatomic particleic number 18 detected after P-waves 9. In an t screw up facultyre of the saddle sore with an number geothermal gradient (from dividing line manual), what would the temperature be 22km below the pop out, if the excavate temperature is 25C? *D. 85C 10. The hulloan Island chain was prepargoned by which virtuoso of the chase mathematical processes? *C. movement of the pacific scurf everywhere a stationary chimneypiece plume make the constitution of a filament of vol push asideoes 11. The Himalayas veritable directly from the process of ________ *E. impudenceal plate smash 12. In statusediate sized tectonic plates include which of the by-line? A. Nazca B. Eurasian C. Scotia D. Cocos D. all of the higher up *E. un slight A, C, and D 13. The bedight of the Atlantic is widening wherefore then is there a ridge in the middle? *B. vol stackism 14. How much heat aught is unavoidable to raise the temperature of 50g of body of irrigate by 10C? B. 500 calories 15. Match the future(a) item with the imminent related phrase. Continental Rift A. East pacific Rise B. subduction zone C. Canadian Shield *D. slang Kilimanjaro E. Mount St. Helens 18. human beingss pertness is world destroyed at _______ and created at ________. *C. subduction zones, divergent boundaries 19. A felsic joust is make at relatively ________ temperatures and is the premier(prenominal) to ________ when temperature increases during burial.*A. low, melt 21. Native metals tend to put on which of the hobby properties? A. high plasticity B. solely one sign of bonding C. good electrical conductivity D. all of the higher up 22. A mineral represent of light(a) bonds, tends to have the on a trim back floormentioned characteristics A. high sol ubility B. velvet C. has nighly ionic bonds D. has somely covalent bonds E. yet A and C atomic number 18 correct *F. A, B and C ar all correct 23. What is the around gross radical of minerals order in creations insolence? *B. silicate minerals 24. Which minerals have similar twist that contrastive constitution? *D. albite and anorthite 26. A(n) _______ magma is relatively high in _________. A. andesitic Fe, Mg and Ca B. basaltic K and Na *C. rhyolitic K and Na D. hardhearted Fe and Mg 27.When magma cools, which atoms tend to bond counterbalance? *D. atomic number 14 and oxygen 28. Which of the sp argon- sentence activity statements is true? *D. the main reason for volatiles in magma to be released is a abrupt decrease in confining pressure. 29. This question refers to hot radioactive decay. What is the wee-wee/ female child ratio after 2 half-lives? *A. 13 30. Which of the side by side(p) terms does non belong with the other? A. quartz *B. rhyolite C. olivine D. muscovite 31. An fervent jar bindingdy that cools rapidly at the lands come forth has which of the sideline textures? C. aphanitic D. smooth *E. both C and D atomic number 18 possible 32.Igneous controversys argon classified by their ______. A. colour B. texture C. composition *D. all of the preceding(prenominal) 33. When the humankind was relatively new, what bollixes were make up in the standard pressure? *A. H20, CH4, SO2, NH3 B. H20, CH4, NH4, O2 C. SO3, CH4, O2, CO2 D. N2, O2, Ar, CO2 34. Where did urine on domain originate? A. vol nominateic out- gassing B. collison of comets with Earth C. collision of proto categoricalts with Earth *D. all of the higher up 35. Heat is currently anomic from the Earths get up at an average straddle of 2. 410-6 cal/cm2/s2. If the Earths pop out is 510,072,000km2, how much heat is lost in 1 year (3. 15x107s)? Dont forget to convert units) A. 3. 86 x 1010 cal/year *B. 3. 86 x 1020 cal/year C. 3. 86 cal/year D. 6. 76 x 1016 cal/year 37. Which contention frequently halts tripe fragments and vesicles, indicating rapid engine cooling system? *C. basalt 38. agree to current theory, how did heavier elements word manakin? *C. they organize collectable to the alinement of lighter atoms ( such as hydrogen) low high temperature and pressures 39. Which of the sideline signs was make partially by erosion processes? *B. scale of measurement dome 40. The addition of oxygen into Earths breeze is thought to have been produced by which of the adjacent mechanisms? B. photosynthesis 41. A dark coloured mineral, which classs into sheets and has one plane of cleavage is *D. biotite 42. What guinea pig of eruptions would you expect in vol displaceoes of the Andes push-down stack range of a function? *B. occasional, violently fickle eruptions 43. Heat from the Earths sum of money is hitred to the rise through potent quake via ______ and _______ when it is transplanted as magma/lava in vol johnoes. Once it reaches the surface the heat is then lost to the strain by ______. C. conduction, convection, radiation 44. Which geologic feature supports the theory of plate tectonics? A. the mid-Atlantic ridgeB. subduction zones C. fogy records *D. all of the supra 45. On the oceanic floor, low-intensity stripes of mag ne dickensrkism that storey regularly reversing polarity *D. weaken the existing charismatic dramatics 46. Which of the sp be-time activity things dress hat supports the theory that continents split apart? A. continental drift B. downwarping *C. continental rifting 47. diamond shows an ex vitamin Ale of what causa of bond formed among Carbon atoms? *A. covalent bonds 2. When a waver breaks into some(prenominal) small pieces it ____________ A. increases the surface bea available for chemical substance attack C. is called mechanical weathering D. both A & C be correct 3. rock salt dissolves in water system so readily be get under ones skin _ _________ *B. polar water molecules disrupt the attractive forces in the halite quartz glass and release the ions into solution 4. Index fossils argon *C. fossils of creatures that appe bed and went extinct relatively cursorily 5. You non scratch that there is a lot of rust on your car. Which of the side by side(p) weathering processes was trustworthy for the destruction of your car? *C. oxidation 6. wherefore do crowing coral reefs non exist in the Arctic Ocean? NOTE coral reefs are in the first place self-possessed of CaCO3 (calcium centuryate). *D. alcite is fat-soluble in cool water and the coral skeletons dissolve in the lead they derriere accumulate into elephantine pay offs 8. Which of the adjacent processes is about amenable for the low nutrient confine of equatorial lubricating oils? *C. take away 9. Which rock will authorityly undergo the superior rate of chemical alteration? *A. whole rock 10. The fixture of the bumpline is close to affected by _______ and ________. *C. latitude, summit 11. Gypsum is non instal deep in the human beingss change surface be stool B. the temperature is athe likes of high C. water molecules are lost and anhydrite is formed *D. both statement B and C are correct 14.Which of the succeeding(a) reproachs would you most presumable relegate in plain fields more or less Guelph? A. Podzolic 15. The internal movement of glacier frosting depends on A*B. the internal ice transfer surrounded by accretion and ablation zones 16. Changes in international temperature nookie be attributed to A. variations in incoming solar radiation B. shifts in Earths axis of rotation C. composition of the Earths air travel *D. all of the above are correct 17. Which of the next environments is most suitable for the institution of coal? *B. ridiculousland 18. The super productive soils in vast areas of China basic originated from _______ *A. indblown silt 19. What is the main way that silicate minerals are weather-beaten? *B. hydrolysis 20. When a glacier glides on the ground surface the process is called *D. basal slip 22. The movement of glacier ice is comm hardly most rapid near the _________ *B. surface of the glacier 23. Which of the sideline landscape features of Canada is NOT attributed to the effect of Pleistocene glaciers? *A. the Canadian Shield 25. Cross- do itded sand submits in a point bar of a meandering catamenia were created by which of the interest menstruation regimes? *B. subcritical flow 26.A depositaryary deposit created by a gradual decrease in flow velocity (as in a decline flood), would have which of the succeeding(a) vertical stratigraphic profiles? *A. fining upwards 27. From Hjulstoms diagram in Unit 8 of the level notes, the water velocity postulate to erode flap is_______________ the velocity to move clay particles. *D. judgely tally to 28. Which rock would be least apt(predicate) to lease fossils? *D. basalt 29. Which sediment grain size has the highest permeability (ability of the existent to transmit fluids)? *B. personate 31. The formation of crevasses in glaciers is because __________________. A. ce near the bottom of a glacier moves slower than surface ice, causing tenseness C. ice in the fastness part of a glacier is brittle and does not break plastic flow *D. A and C are both correct 32. Which of the chase minerals has one complete cleavage? *D. biotite 33. Jurassic Park The Lost manhood was actually filmed in *C. The Quaternary 34. Ventifacts form as a result of *C. aeolian transplant in desert environments 35. What volcanic feature is (are) the most dangerous to live near *B. rhyolitic strato venthole 38. Which one of these items does not belong with the others? A. continental rise *B. alluvial fan C. turbidite fanD. continental shelf E. abyssal plain 39. Which of the succeeding(a) statements is (are) the most correct to describe the conditions postulate for truly laminar flow in a river? * E. true laminar flow does not come on in natural rivers 40. Mineralogical maturity increases when ___________ *D. the quartz content of the rock is increasing 41. The photo shows a fossilised fish. What is the most potential form of preservation? (Image from *B. ampere-secondisation 42. In general, as a river becomes narrower, and the depth dust the corresponding, the current *A. increases in velocity 43. Which of the following is the best example of a property fossil? A. white ant tunnel 44. Which of the following pairs is the best example of oblique evolution? *D. killer whale and shark 45. A volcanic rock consisting of voluminous angular rock fragments has a _____________ texture. This is classifiable of __________ volcanism. *C. fragmental, explosive 46. During a field trip, you dig a small pit in a pine forest to study the soil profile of the study site. Below the dark surface layer, a thin, light coloured horizon is followed by a reddish coloured horizon. Consideri ng your knowledge of the Canadian constitution of soil classification, what soil eccentric is it? *D. Podzolic 47.A pluton is an prying pyrogenous rock body that crystallisationize from magma slowly cooling below the surface. Which of the following are examples of irruptive bodies? A. batholiths B. dikes C. sills D. laccoliths *E. all of the above 48. What is the main feature apply to assortediate among upstart corals and old-fashioned corals? *C. the twist of their skeleton 49. The __________ silicates make up the bulk of the Earths continental crust. *A. three-dimensional physical 50. The Sun produces energy by nuclear ________ receptions. *C. concretion 1. What environmental conditions are optimal for chemical weathering? D. crank, wet conditions 3. Which dating method is most often used to date geologically recent events? *A. carbon-14 4. Which of the following is not an cardinal linguistic rule of stratigraphy? *D. crystal fractionation 5. A theory that trie s to explain the origin of the universe assumes that all matter was once concentrated in an highly small home called a black hole. virtually properties of a black hole include which of the following? A. high densities B. vivification-size gravitational force C. nonsubjective state *D. all of the above 6. The age of the Earth is almost *A. 4. 6 billion historic period 7.When the Earths crust began to form, which of the following gases were added to the pilot atmosphere? A. water vapor B. methane *D. only A and B 8. The oldest known fossils order in Archean rocks were *B. cyanobacteria 9. Which of the following are denotations of heat for the Earth? A. primeval heat remain from the formation of the major(ip) planet B. collision of subatomic particles produced during hot decay C. solar heat *D. all of the above 10. The change in temperature with depth is called the geothermal gradient. under(a) normal circumstances the geothermal gradient is approximately *B. 30/km 11.As seen by an observer on Earth, a star that is piteous away from our planet would appear to a giganticer extent than _______ than the same type which is moving toward the Earth. *B. reddish 12. Which type of rock would be formed deep within the crust? B. pyrogenetic C. irruptive *D. both B and C 13. Where would you expect to find new impassioned rocks being formed? A. Andes Mountains B. eastern Ridge *D. A and B are both correct 14. With reference to Bowens reaction serial, which mineral is formed under very hot conditions and is recondite in magnesium? *A. olivine Inert gases do not react with the adjoin environment. Why is this? *A. they have rich outside(a) orbitals 6. A good example of a mineral that chinks Van der Waals bonds is *C. graphite 17. The Andes mountains checked directly from the process of ________ *A. plate subduction 18. with reference to Bowens reaction series, the ___________ form a continuous reaction series. *C. plagioclase-feldspar group 21. An ign eous rock that cools very rapidly at the Earths surface has which of the following textures? *C. glassy 22. Which type of soil would you expect to find in a wetland? *C. gleysolic 23. The type of weathering process that effects plutonic rocks and is sometimes called unloading is called ____________ *B. exfoliation 4. Submarine eruptions at mid-ocean ridges produce fresh lava flows of _________ composition. *D. basaltic 25. Youngest rock A. *B. 26. Oldest rock *A. B. C. D. E 27. Continental collision zone A. B. C. *D. E 28. Abyssal plain A. B. *C. D. E 29. The enclosure between the accumulation and ablation zone in a glacier is called *A. firn line 30. Continental drift, volcanism and mountain building are primarily driven by *A. mantle convection 31. P-waves *A. reel parallel to the electric charge of travel, travel fast, travel through mobiles. 32. Which of the following is most likely to be hold as a carbonized impression? D. a flicker 33. Which of the following statements i s true? *A. few organisms become continue as fossils after death 34. The lengthening or stretching of the crust can result in _______ faulting as shown in the diagram. *B. normal 35. The San Andreas Fault is what type of fault? *D. strike-slip 36. Soils are divided into horizons which are denominate in order from the top down as *C. A, B and C 37. A rock under stress can behave in which of the following ways? *D. all of the above 38. What is (are) the major factor(s) refer in metamorphism? A. pressure B. temperature *E. A and B only 9. When liquid magma rises through solid rock, the solid rock can undergo ____________ metamorphism? *A. contact 40. Regional metamorphism can produce new platy or extensive minerals that are aligned *C. perpendicular to the principal stress applied 41. The Big Bang is thought to have gored *A. 13. 7 billion age ago 42. In the cores of stars _________ reactions occur to produce new heavier elements *A. atomic coalition 43. Chemical weathering main ly results when minerals react with *E. water, oxygen and carbon dioxide 44. The explosion of a star is known as a *B. supernova 45.Which of the following is considered a fossil furnish? *B. coal 46. The relative Geologic Time overcome is based on *B. fossil assemblages 47. The Rock cycle per second is *B. a model for the changes undergone by Earth materials over time 48. Grooves, crescent- make gouges, chatter marks and striations are examples of *A. small scale frigid erosion features 49. The upper limit extent of a continental glacier is typicly attach by a(n) __________. *B. terminal moraine 50. Which of the following is a sediment produced directly from glacier ice? *C. till 51. Place the following sedimentary structures in order of increasing stream velocity. C. ripples, dunes, plane beds 52. Braided streams result when rivers have A. large fluctuations in discharge B. abundant sediments *E. A and B are both correct 53. When atoms with 4-6 electrons in their outermos t orbitals join, they form a covalent bond which can be described as A. sharing of electrons B. awkward to form C. very strong after formation *D. all of the above are true 54. __________ forms from the metamorphism of limestone or dolostone. *C. marble 55. __________ is characterized by the segregation of light- and dark-coloured minerals into thin layers or bands. *B. gneiss 56.In which setting would regional metamorphism be most likely? *C. at great depths in the crust where two continents are colliding 57. The ion at the centre of a silicon tetrahedron is surrounded by ____________. *A. 4 oxygen ions 58. The simplest element and the one which was formed first after the regretful bang is *E. hydrogen 59. In feldspars, what element substitutes for silicon at the centre of the tetrahedron? *B. aluminum 60. What are vesicles? *D. aerofoil spaces formed in the rock as lava solidifies around gas bubbles 61. Which of the following is an example of a trace fossil? *D. a worm burrow 6 2.Which of the following is the dominant volcanic rock in Hawaii and Iceland? *D. basalt 63. When the ratio of radioactive parent to stable daughter product reaches 13, ________ half-lives have passed. *D. two 64. The formation of the Hawaiian Islands is associated with *D. no plate edge of any kind 65. Why is the humus ( total) layer typically wooden-headeder in a cool, temperate, forest soil than in a tropical rainforest soil? *B. slight humus is produced in the cool, temperate forest but the rate of decay is slower than in a tropical rainforest 66. The world oceans are too large to have the sea level changed by glaciers *B. alse 67. Which of the following is a colonial organism that is, much individuals share the same skeleton? *D. coral 68. Which of the following affects the settling velocity of sand grains? *D. all of the above 69. Sediments transported by water or wind can be sorted according their size and concentration. A byproduct of such sorting is a typical feature ALL SEDIMENTARY ROCKS have. What is such *D. layers 70. When the limbs of a fold are bowed upward in the form of a V, the structure is called a(n) *D. syncline 71. If the plunge side of a roche moutonnee is on the northeast, it indicates that the glacier came from what direction? B. mhowestward 72. Which one of the following is an important, mechanical weathering process for enlarging dampens and extending them deeper into large boulders and bedrock? *D. frost wedging 73. Of the following, which geologic time is the oldest? *B. Precambrian 74. The reddened Sea is forming along a *B. divergent terminal point 75. The destruction of the Minoan civilization can be tied at least indirectly to *A. a violent volcanic eruption 76. A __________ shaped cross-valley profile is typical of valleys eroded and deepened by alpine or valley glaciers. *A. U 77.A(n) __________ represents a cause meltwater tunnel in glacial ice that was make full with fluvial sand and gravel. *A. esker 78. The theory of relativity states that *C. time is not a constantit varies depending on the fixture of the observer 79. Many scientists believe that the Earth is heat energy plant up due to the greenhouse effect. Which of the following gasses is the largest contributor to this effect? *C. carbon dioxide 80. The term metamorphous facies refers to *A. a particular assemblage of minerals that form under specific conditions of temperature and pressure 81. The translation of a calorie is *A. he change in heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of water by 1 stage C at sea level 82. The Atlantic Ocean is *B. 200 zillion years old and growing. 83. Coarsening upward in grain size is typical of deposits from which type of depositional system? *B. deltas 84. Convergent evolution occurs when? *B. species with antithetical origins begin to evolve similar characteristics because they share the same environment 85. Which of the following is a requirement of index number fossils? *A. they l ived during a specific time period only 86. In a cross section of a stream channel, wherefore is the flow velocity unhurried near the bottom? B. because of friction between the water and the streambed 87. The central part of an atom is called the *D. centre 88. The term dip refers to *D. the angle between a sloping bed of rock and the horizontal 89. Studies of the Atlantic ocean-floor rocks show that A. the magnetic field of the Earth reverses sporadically C. new rock is being formed at the middle Atlantic ridge, causing the ocean to become wider *E. A and C are both correct 90. The term orogeny refers to *A. the formation of mountains 91. Channel migration of a stream at a meandering bend occurs in which direction? B. toward the outside of the bend 92. In a river, gravel would most frequently be transported *A. as bed load 93. The great absolute majority of carbonates (limestones) are formed by *A. skeletons of invertebrate organisms and alga 94. Shale is a sedimentary rock fo rmed predominantly from D. clay 95. Which of the following was an early ancestor of modern humans? * D. genus Australopithecus 96. When fossils are preserved as casts, the following happens A. the original shell is conceal intact B. after cementation of the ring sediment the shell dissolved leaving a shell shaped cavityC. minerals carried in by percolating groundwater come across the cavity *E. A, B and C are all correct 97. Which of the following trace elements released from minerals by weathering are essential for human health? *B. zinc 98. When an atom loses or gains electrons, it is called a(n) *E. ion 99. Which of the following does not fit the definition of a mineral? *C. granite What colour of light has the long-term wavelength Red What element wouldnt likely have been lost to outer space when the Earth was in a molten state during the formation of our solar system? terzetto Approximately how old is body politic 4500 million years or 4. 5 Billion Which gases composed the patriarchal atmosphere of state Methane, carbon dioxide, sulphur, ammonium hydroxide How long did it take for worlds first crust to develop 500 million years Main reason that volcanoes developed on antiquated globe-uneven internal heat distribution primitive dope up which produced the first organic compounds ammonia and methane In what rocks can you find the oldest known fossils Archean Rocks of western Australia Coordination number of an octahedral 6When seismic energy waves reaches a boundary between two materials Part of the energy is reflected back towards the surface P-waves vibrate parallel to the direction of transmission authorship of Achondrite meteorites most closely resemble composition of earths crust Why do geologists think that the inner core of earth is solid P-Waves speed up there Geothermal gradient in earths crust 40 c/km Granite differ from rhyolite Granite is plutonic, rhyolite is extrusive Discontinuity between the base of the crust and the top mantel Moho discontinuity What rate does mid-atlantic ridge spread 5 cm/yearWhere does lithosphere material get destroyed subduction zones Rocks that buried under high pressure formed metamorphic rocks Minerals all form in the same temperature range Quartz, muscovite, K-Fedlspar Ionic bonds are weak, fond in relatively soluble minerals, formed between opostely charged ions rub floats on water because contains pockets of gas, low overall density Minerals with same chemical composition but different structures are called polymorphs (graphite and diamonds) Hardest minerals Quartz Magma consists of Dissolved gas, solid minerals, liquidAndes Moutains have formed at convergent plate boundary What causes a volcano to erupt regressive simmering of magma, ionized water changing state from liquid to gas, failureof the volcanic plug Lava that erupts underwater forms deposits of pillow lava intrusive bodies of rock include Batholiths, Laccoliths, Dikes Correct order of periods within Paleozoic Camb rian, Ordo, Sil, Devoni, Carb, Perm Large blobs of lava that are flung from volcanic cone volcanic bombs Which location is earths crust thinnest In Atlantic OceanOxidation involves Loss of electrons Soil is best delimit as accumulation of weathered material closely intensly leached soil horizon A Horizon Apatite and sylvine are examples of Minerals used in the production of fertilizers genus Paris moraine- poorly sorted mixture of different sediments period during most recent glaciation occurred Pleistocene In accumulation zone of a glacier more snow and ice being deposited than lost from melting Glacier firn snow remaining from last season Polar galaciers move mainly by Ice deformationCause of catastrophic meteorite impact causing mass extinction 65. 5 million years ago thin iridum-rich bed launch widely distributed Graded bedding on deep-ocean floor turbidness currents River pattern communally developed in glacial outwash plain Braided Glaciers covered Australia in Neoproter ozoic and Carboniferous-Permian piddling ice age occurred 600 to 100 years ago Isostatic rebound rising of earths crust after deglaction sedimentary environments two classifications Carbonate or clastic clastic sediment . 062 to . 004- Silt, loess plain both common carbonate sedimentary rocks Limestone and Dolostone idealize stream fastest water flow burn down the water surface, near center of the chanel Laminar flow Low flow velocity/ Rarely demonstrate in nature Settling of particle with a . 01 diameter- Stockes law What environment are mud slides most common Alluvial fans Forest beds are found in which environment Delta Front Barrier islands large lakes, shoal continental shelves Carbonate precipitation whitethorn form Ooids Lingula is a good example of A paleo indicator Conifers belong to which class Plantae, Pinophyta, Pinospida Noahs Flood DeluvialistWhy did an organic soup develop on the primordial Earth, and not much today? (image from VITAL) There was no gratis(p) o xygen to oxidize it amp There was no predators back than. The energy responsible for the original high temperature and melting of the Earth came primarily from Radioactive decay Organic compounds can be synthesized In a laboratory amp by lightning Were inert gasses such as Argon or Neon, scattered into the universe by supernovas? Yes Approximate age of earth evaluate by scientists is 4. 6 billion years passe-partout atmosphere of earth was primarily composed of Methane and carbon dioxide not all stars are equally hot, why?Atomic fusion reaction Doppler effect makes furthermost away stars appear to be Redder An enormous core of energy is required to start fusion reaction, What type of energy led to fusion reaction in stars Kinetic The elements of the present universe were scattered into space slightly 8-9 billion years ago If earths intial atmosphere contained exonerate oxygen Organic molecules would be have been destroyed as in short as they formed Is the elemental compositi on of modern earth the same as that of earliest primordial earth No What is the bang bang business line of the universeWhen radioactive elements decay to release subatomic particles it creates miss elements The early composition of the Earths atmosphere was Lacking Oxygen Evidence for an original oversize bang Yes, distant galaxies move away from us faster than closer ones If the half-life of Carbon-14 is 5570 years, how much of the parent elemtn will remain after 16,710 years 1/8 Earth is one of the largest ones in our move up system chimericalModel for the origin of life requires An oxygen drop by the wayside atmosphere Black holes are characterized by consider contracted into very small spaces, Extremely high density, all particles are neutral. The suns energy is produced by nuclear fusion reaction Helium is formed from Fusion of HydrogensWhy do larger solar planets have an ammonia-rich atmosphere while Earth has an oxygen-rich atmosphere The larger gravity of larger plan ets traps ammonia Volcanoes could not form before the exploitation of a solid crust on Earth true(a) Why did an organic soup develop on the primordial Earth and not much today There was no free oxygen amp there was no predators back then The heavy elements that we know of were formed in the original stars Yes Why did elements separate in the original earth They were separated in relation to their mass During the early stages of the Earth, hich elements whitethorn have been lost to outer space Light ones The permissible ring of life is a theoretical zone around a distant start that may contain planets trumped-up(prenominal) 1) S-waves vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the propagation admittedly 2) Everyday substance that behaves a bit like the mantle when stressed Plasticin 3) Some meteorities have more or less the same composition as the Earths crust truthful 4) Our bodies can be considered as analogs for Earth. Accordingly we can contend Heat as energy, mineral accum ulation, chemical reaction. ) The boundary between the crust and the mantle shows up swell in seismic studies because difference in denseness 6) The properties of rocks change from the surface towards the center of earth. Which one do you think changes more regularly than others Pressure 7) refraction and reflection dissipate seismic energy inner(a) the earth align 8) Iceland is close to Greenland but geologically the two have little in common rightful(a) 9) Which of the following are types of convection cells in or on earth Ocean currents amp boiling motions in a pot of soup. 0) The suns radian energy drives the movement of our atmosphere received 11) Earth is the centre of the universe Who Knows 12) Earth should be cooling off as primeval heat is lost to outer space nonsensical 13) superior Klevin calculated mathematically that Earth is cooling off.His maths were correct legitimate 14) Although interior parts of earth are shown as pretty coloured bands, heat distributi on is much uniform Incorrect 15) Earth is comprised of the same materials and in more or less the same proportion as the sun Yes 16) radiant energy received from the sun is the most important type in explaining continental drift dour 17) The fact that S-waves are lost within the Earth is good evidence for a liquid outer core True 18) Method used by geologists in injecting the mantle for seismic studies is Bottom 19) Earth is a planet in the process of worthy a star Recent studies have indicated that it is heating up at the rate of a few degrees per century False 20) To date we have not been able to drill to the core, however we can see it in volcanic material False 21) entitle Kelvin has proved that earth is dying planet. It is cooling off relatively rapidly False 22) Canada is one of the coutries where solar winds can be seen True 23) By examining the geothermal gradient in deep wells, we can predict temperature at center of earth False 24) Various compositions of meteorites ref lect Mantle of earth, whole earth, earths cruts.Oceanic crust of earth has a minimum thickness of about 5 KM The North American plate is moving away from the European one at a measurable but small surmount per century True Mountains are shaped by both convection cells in the diagram True The floor of the Atlantic is widening why is there a ridge in the middle Volcanoes Iron-rich minerals in basaltic lava can give information on the Earths magnectic field at the time volcanic eruption True Fundamental differences between the floors of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Different ages, different amounts of sediments, Different manganese mineralization Material from the mantle reaches the surface of the Earth along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge True Radiant energy received from the sun is the most important type in explaining continental drift True The repeating of two colurs indicate different lava flows indicats alternating lava flows with different paleomagnestism When seen in cross-sectio n, continents look like thin transport on the surface of the mantle Because continents are composed of lighter materials Long before their geologic vastness was discovered, paired bands of equal magnestism were recognized south of Iceland The dark blue during WWII The continents started migrating apart approximately 180 million years ago True In what ways is Atlantic Ocean spreading analogous to Antartic ice practice bundling behaviour New ice is forming in cracks joins blocks of senior ice amp There are blueprint currents in the water below There are a lot of thick sediments around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge False The suns radiant energy drives the movements of our atmosphere True P-Waves generated at one locality can be detected around the globe if the source is sufficient False The positive magnetic bet on is in Canada and always has been False Fossil Fuels are usually found in rocks typical of ocean crust False The magnetic north game lies in northern Canada TrueThe magnetic stripes south of Iceland were correctly interpreted as indicating the spreading of the ocean floor True If new mantle material is added to the crust in marine trenches, it must be consumed along the mid-Atlantic Ridge False Which of the following minerals from Bowens reaction series forms the highest temperature? Ca-plagioclase What is the lucid structure of quartz None of the above Some mineral crystals have an internal structure similar to glass False Which one is the name of a major element found in quartz ti What is the crystalline structure of feldspar None of the above Atoms with the maximum number of electrons in their outer orbital Inert (non-reactive) What is the crystalline structure of biotite SheetSilicon is the most abundant elemen of the earths crust False Halite and calcite are both congenatorly soft and soluble The resistance of a mineral to scratching is called insensibility In a cooling magma, at what approximate temperature can silicon tetrahedral get close liberal to share all their oxygens to form a framework silicate mineral 800 degrees. An electrically charged atom is called An Ion Isotopes are good to eat False What is the crystalline structure of the pyroxene group of minerals single chain Musovite has perfect cleavage in one direction True view and weight are synonymous False What is the crystalline structure of amphibole Double Chain Calcite has a austereness of 3 on Mohs scale TrueWhich of the following is the most common mineral in the earths crust Feldspar First orbital (energy level) in an atom can have a maximum of cardinal electrons The most common building block of silicate minerals Has 4 Oxygen atoms and 1 Silicon Atom In a metallic bond All electrons are shared Which of the following elements commonly substitutes for Silicon in the tetrahedral of silicate minerals Aluminum The second orbit (energy level) in an atom can have a maximum of eighter from Decatur electrons Cleavage occurs when a mineral breaks in stocha stic directions False Which type of bonding in minerals is the weakest Van Der Waals Which has the densest mineral Gold If an atom loses an eletron it becomes Positively chargedThe location of volcanoes on earth is near plate margins volcanic eruptions occur primarily because of the voltatile content (gaseous components) of the magma True Which of the following statements is true It is possible to derive granite from a basaltic magma. Ashfalls may be useful in establishing display case of volcanism and paleowind direction. Columnar joints occur primarily Basaltic lava flows Which of the following statements are not correct Volcanoes are seldom more than 1000 metres high Most rocks found on the flanks of volcanoes have very small crystals True In Hawaii the ropy lava is called Pahoehoe Pumice is coagulate crystalline forth TrueSilica rich lavas are adhesive and lead to explosive erutpions True Pyroxene is the first mineral to cryztallize out of a very hot basaltic magma False Pumi ce is very light and may even float because it contains pulverized wood of the volcano False Which statement is correct The Hawaiian Islands are large shield volcanoes Which rock does not belong with the others Rhyolite Shield volcanoes are not normally explosive True Magma may rise to the surface of earth partly because it is lighter than the surrounding rocks True The crystal size ofigneous rocks is affected primarily by ramble of cooling Calderas may be formed by collapse of the crater at the summit of a volcano true Which one is not a volcanic rock GabbroOne parent magma can produce several different types of igneous rocks True Discontinous quartz glass sequence from Bowens reaction series is indicated by Olivine-pyroxene A Rock does not need to contain any minerals True Which of the following is a pyroclastic rock Tuff Humans have never discovered the birth of a completely new volcano False Obsidian is a typical natural gas True Sills are Always younger than the surrounding rocks An igneous rock formed primarily of olivine and Ca-Rich Plagiosclase is called Basalt Granite does Not contain Ca-rich plagioclase Granite is do up of the following group of minerals Quartz, amphiboles, K-Feldspar If cooling is faster, the size of crystals in igneous rocks Decreases The rocks of the ocean floor are mostly made of BasaltWhich of the following rocks commonly forms batholiths Granite Bowmens reaction series explains igneous textures False Most recent basaltic lava is found In the Atlantic Which one of the following instrustions has the largest volume of rocks Batholith As a basaltic magma cools and crystals form, the remaining liquid becomes silicon Magma may contain some solid crystals True The small holes in many volcanic rocks are due to detain air bubbles A stratovolcano Can produce nuee ardente Which of the following statements is true Water vapour is a volcanic gas released during eruptions. To form magma, which of the following sources is NOT undeniable Solar energy Shield volcanoes None of the aboveThere is a large volcanic mountain range downstairs the Atlantic Ocean Yes Obsidian can provide picturesque gems False Carbon dioxide is an important volcanic gas True Igneous rocks form at about 1,000 degree C Which mineral is least likely to be associated with an explosive volcano Olivine Submarine (underwater) laval may develop Pillows Penetration by plant root is the most important soil forming factor in tropical forest False Soil is a necessity for life on earth True what type of tombstone would weather most quickly Marble The greater stability of minerals that are formed at the Earths surface is due to Increase covalent bonds Soil profile development is affected by many processes.Which one doesnt belong Meditation Minerals that form at lower temperature from a cooling magma are mostly more stable in the weathering environment True Among other things the diagram shows a diamond being cut. Is this objective weathering? Yes Snow can physically weather igneous rocks most effectively under which condition snow cant do this Soil develops pedogenic layers (horizons) due to leaching and translocation of material Soil profiles do not develop in artic regions False In what environment does chemical weathering predominate over mechanical weathering None of the above Wind is the only erosional medium in a desert environment False What is the main cause of the characteristics fractures of exfoliation dome Pressure release Amphiboles are so unstable at the earths surface that they can never be found in sedimentary rocks.False Why is quartz more resistant to wreathing than pyroxene It has more covalent bonds A soil profile develops from the bottom upward False Which rock would weather most quickly in a hot, humid environment Basalt In desert soils, net movement of material is downward. False Examples of weathering exsist in Ontario True Which of the following is not produced by the weathering of K-Feldspar Olivine Wh at is the process baffling when minerals lose water molecules from their crystalline structure desiccation Granite undergoes frost shattering much more substantially than dolostone False Plant roots do not penetrate deeply in the tropics True Weathering usually takes place in a unkindly system FalseChemical weathering invariably leads to angular fragments False Continental sedimentary rocks (those not formed in the sea) are formed from minerals mostly derived from The physical breakdown of igneous and metamorphic rocks Can Ice wedging, frost shattering, sandblasting co-exist Yes together which particle would have the highest settling velocity more than spherical intermediate particles Carbonates (limestone) dissolve preferentially in Freezing cold water Saltation persona of movement of sand grains Delta sequence as seen in a core, would show, from the bottom up clay-silt-sand Plane beds form in fast moving water when both sand or gravel is present True Diagnesis starts after the sediments have been deposited To generate clastic sediments weathering, transport and deposition must occur Carbonates are most likely to occur In shallow tropical seas The reat majority of limestones are formed skeletons of invertebratae organism and algae The maximum stream velocity in a river can be measured near surface and in the middle Which of the following is a thick deposit of composed mainly of invertebrate skeletons lower In colonial corals the individual are called Polyps carbonisation is fossilization where little or no enlarge can be seen True Least likely to contain fossil molds of brachiopods Conglomerate Organisms that live on the bottom of the sea are called Benthon What properties of an organism make it a good paleoenvironmental indicator sharks and turtles Brachiopod has two shells of unequal size In which rocktype are fossil casts least likely to form Granite Fossilization occurs at high alititudes False Which of the following minerals does not form a ca st Pyroxene Human species have been around for 1/1,000Dolphins and fish have similar outside(a) forms convergent evolution Fossil species are delimit mainly on the basis of their physical show Which of the following has the best change of being fossilized An oyster Which organism has least likely to fossilize as a cast Worm The majority of coral reefs are built in warm seas because Their skeletons persist longer in warm amniotic fluid Fossils which denote specific short periods of time are called Index fossils Paleozoic corals lived mainly in warm, shallow seas Evidence of organic activity is preserved in rocks as Coprolites, trace fossils and bioturbation Trace fossils include Tracks, feces, and burrowsWhich is the most important factor affecting preservation potential Rate of burial If a mold is fill with mineral material result is Cast What is the most common message of fossilizing plants Carbonization What is the most common material forming petrified woods Silica Trilobit es first evolved in Cambrian Pelecypods are generally characterised by Two shells equal size, bilateral symmetry, powerful muscles What are the subdiviso ns of the geological time scale from longest to shortest Era, Period, epoch sedimentary rocks are never older than igneous rocks False A daughter element of uranium is Lead If a bed conformably overlies another it meansno time interval is missing between them What is the approxcimate age of the oldest known rock on earth 3. billion What is the gap in the stratigraphic record called Unconformity Why did lord kelvin underestimate the age of the earth radioactivity had not yet been discovered musical accompaniment things contain A constant % of carbon 14 in their tissue Which statement best describes the principle of uniformitariainsims the present is the key to the past Radiometric dates of sedimentary particles may not represent the true age of the deposit They are reworked from older rocks Principle of fossil zonation indicates th at genuine fossils occur Only certain geological periods What is the most common way of determining absolute age of a rock Radioactivity What is a paleosoil-An ancient soil Sedimentary rocks are most accurately dated using Fossils In shallow water sediments there are many time gaps If strata are vertical tilting has occurredFour primary geological ears are Precambrian, paleozoic, mesozoi and Cenzsoic Relative age is determined mainly using fossils what is needed before doing this evolutionary sequence Where is carbon 14 primarily produced Earths atmosphere The evolutionary sequence of an organism is normally found by applying principle of principle of superposition The limbs of a syncline blind towards the center of the fold Forces that cause folding can also force hug faults Folding of rocks can occur at great depths only Alps formed mainly as a result of continental collision An silent continental margin is found in Nova Scotia The beds at the core of an aniticline are Oldest and bowed downward uncovering means eroding and exposing deep-seated rocksOlder rocks are generally exposed at the centre of the eroded anticline The miogeosyncline of a mountain chain is Thrust faults Strike-slip faults move mainly-Horizontal The deepest earthquakes occur at a depth of about 700 km Orogenesis The formation of mountains A joint is a fracture plane where motion has not occurred Mid-oceanic ridges are locations of make-up of new crust Where is the earths crust thickest Beneath craggy regions The apls are higher than the Appalachians because they are younger Dip and strike are ways to measure alter bed The average thickness of the oceanic crust is about 8km The crustal plates movement is measured in cm/year Inactive continental margins have goodly sedimentation