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The Day The World Cried Essay -- history

The Day The World CriedFreedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended. Our fellow citizens, our focussing of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. The victims were in air sails or in their offices secretaries, businessman and women, military and federal official workers. Moms and dads, friends and neighbors. Thousands of lives were suddenly ended by, despicable acts of terror. The pictures of airplanes flying into buildings fires burning, huge structures collapsing have filled us with disbelief, terrible sadness and a quiet unyielding anger. These acts of mass move out were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat . But they have failed. Our country is strong. A great people have been moved to defend a great nation. Those were the words of President George W. Bush, as he moved his country from disbelief to reality. Good morning / afternoon Ms. Scully and fellow classma tes. September 11th was a dark and stormy Tuesday where the lives of people became the cost of revenge. Many innocent people faced their Tuesday morning by ending their lives instantly, as a high jacked plane plummeted from the sky, towards their office building. At 845 am a high jacked passenger jet, flight 11 of American Airlines, plunges into the North tower of The World workmanship Center. 903 am another plane hit this time the South tower. Leaving both buildings ablaze in flames of deat...

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On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean :: History Science Scientific Papers

On Explanation Aristotelean and HempeleanABSTRACT Given the great historical distance between scientific explanation as Aristotle and Hempel saw it, I examine and appraise important similarities and differences between the two approaches, especially the inclination to take deduction itself as the very model of scientific knowledge. I argue that we have good reasons to reject this inclination. In his recent studies showing Galileos knowledge of and adherence to the deductive standards of explanation in science rope forth by Aristotle, Wallace (1) remarks that this Aristotelean theory must not be confused with the contemporary deductive-nomological theory of Hempel and Oppenheim. (2) There atomic number 18, of course, important differences between the classic flora of Aristotle and Hempel, for twenty-three centuries lie between them. But the differences are not as great as might be expected, and, as current discussions of the metatheoretical issues of explanation are generally ahist orical, I believe an attempt to compare these two intellectual mileposts in our understanding of scientific method should prove useful.The most obvious and arouse similarities between the two metatheories of science lie in their deductive character, and this is where their significant contrasts lie as well. Aristotle had developed two major deductive systems the hypothetical and matt syllogisms. Of these, he thought only the latter suitable to the demanding rigors of scientific knowledge, whose first characteristics he saw to be certainty and necessity. (3) There are some problematic elements in just what Aristotle took these concepts to mean, but I postpone discussion of that to a later stage.The categorical syllogism, preferably in the familiar Barbara of the first figure of the first mood, Aristotle sees to be the ideal supplier of both the certainty and the necessity, with the scientific conclusion being the conclusion of the syllogism. Like Hempel and Oppenheim, he insists th at the premises be true, from which it is evident that the conclusion could not fail to be certainly and necessarily true. The syllogism itself, as an argument, then stands as an explanation. Inasmuch as the deductive system of the categorical syllogism can be seen now to be a significant subset of the first-order predicate calculus, which is the deductive system prescribed by Hempel and Oppenheim, the difference between the deductive requirements of the two metatheories is really only that of the greater scope, power, and cultivation of the more recent logic. But it remained for Hempel and Oppenheim to point out the

The Presidency Of Andrew Jackson Essay -- essays research papers

The Presidency of Andrew capital of Mississippi     In this paper Ill go over his presidency, focusing on both the highs and the lows of his two terms in office, from 1829-1837. The issues that Ill focus on are states rights, the tariff, the spoils system, Indian removal and banking policies these controversies brought forth strong rivalry over his years of president. He was known for his iron go away and severe personality, and strong use of the powers of his office that made his years of presidency to be known as the "Age of Jackson."     Jackson served as delegate to Tennessee in the 1796 Constitutional convention and a congressman for a year (from 1796-97). He was elected senator in 1797, but financial problems forced him to resign and return to Tennessee in less than a year. Later he served as a Tennessee superior court judge for six years starting in 1798. In 1804 he retired from the bench and moved to Nashville and devoted ti me to business ventures and his plantation. In 1814 Jackson was a Major General in the Tennessee Militia, here he was reproducible to march against the Creek Indians, who were pro-British in the war of 1812. Eventually he forced all Indians out of the area. His victorys impressed some people in Washington and Jackson was put in command of the defense of New Orleans. This show of American strength made Americans feel proud after a war fill with military defeats. Jackson was given the nickname "Old Hickory", and was treated as a national hero. In 1822 the Tennessee Legislature nominated him for president and the quest year he was elected the U.S. senate. He also nearly won the presidential campaign of 1824. However as a result of the "corrupt promise" with Henry Clay, he ended up losing. In 1828 Andrew Jackson became the seventh President to the get together States. Instead of the normal cabinet made up by the president, he relied more on an informal group of newsp aper writers and northernpoliticians who had worked for his election. I believe that this made him more in contact with the people of the United States, and with the public opinion and feelings toward national issues. President Jackson developed the system of "rotation in office." This was employ to protect the American people from a tuition of a old political group by removing ... ...xas takeover to Martin Van Buren. Jackson was a powerful voice in the Democratic party even after retired. He died on June 8, 1845 on his plantation, the Hermitage, in Nashville Tennessee. Andrew Jackson was the first "peoples president." This comes from his youth in a frontier territory and his "people qualities"which helped him to be more touch with the people of the United States, and therefore the people of the United States took a more active role in the Government. He even went so far as to call himself the elected representative of all American people. I think that Jac ksons strengthening of the powers of the presidency are the biggest influence to this day. He used the power of the veto 12 times (more times than all of his successors combined). I only wish that their was a candidate like that running for election in 04. When you gave this project, I though Jackson was a mean tempered Indian fighter who trashed the White House and found his way to office because he took over Florida and defended New Orleans Successfully. But I grew to learn that he was really a great president and did a lot for the presidency of the United States of America.

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Greatness :: essays research papers

When a Jewish girl living in Krakow under false papers visits Schindler, she asks that he hire her parents to work in his factory.He is incense with the girl and she runs from him, fearing her life and liberty. Schindler expresses his rage at Stern, whom heaccuses of harboring Jews in the "haven" of a factory. Schindler is not angry at the idea of his factory as a haven, but the factthat such activities are illegal. However, as the atrocities of the Nazis become more apparent, Schindler begins to see the greatopportunity he is presented with. He hires the girls parents. Although there is no communication to give the viewer any direct clues, the scene in which Schindler observes the liquidation of theghetto at Krakow hints at the change that begins to overtake him. He appears to be gripped by the inexorable realization of what theNazis are actually doing. He watches from a hill overlooking the ghetto, as Jews are massacred and children are oblivious towhat is happening. Th e horror of it all overtakes his mistress, and she begs him to leave the sad scene. Later, the change that has overtaken Schindler becomes more apparent. In a conversation with Hauptsturmfuhrer Amon Goeth,Schindler expresses his feelings about the relationship between that Nazis and the Jews. Goeth states that the reason the Jewsfear the Nazis is because they have the power to belt down. Schindler believes otherwise. He says that the power to kill is apunishment to be used in exercising justice, but the real power lies in exercising mercy. According to Schindler, to have every exculpation for killing someone and letting him or her go demonstrates real power. This idea leaves an impression on Goeth,who begins to practice "mercy" the next day in his dealing in the concentration camp. Unfortunately, practicing mercy does notleave Goeth with the same fulfillment as murder, and he reverts to his old habits. This demonstrates a fundamental difference in the way Goeth and Schin dler see the Jews. Goeth views them in typical Nazifashion. His deep-rooted resentments, hatred, and perhaps even sadism, do not allow him to treat the Jews in a humanefashion. He sees them as a scourge to be eliminated, and at the very least a means to an end. He finds joy in shooting innocentJews from his supercilium villa, and from exploiting them in cruel and unusual ways. He even finds pleasure in beating his maid.

Leadership Essay -- Synergistic Leadership Theory

IntroductionAccording to Northouse (2009), leaders is a concept of multi-dimensional facets inclusive of skill, ability, inherent qualities, behaviors, and relationships. All or some of these dimensions may be observed in an individual that possesses leadership potential in different combinations and can be recognized when intent to make a change in an organization is for the greater good (2009). Even with good intentions and desires for positive changes, pathways to leadership can be locked with long periods of time and laborious experiences. The manful gender, purity males in particular and majority in the United States, have dominated the field of leadership therefore creating psychological barriers that excellence, potential, and aptitude enviably ar tied to the male- gender (Jackson, Engstron, & Emmers-Sommer, 2007). Many explorations and developments allure to leadership theories centered around White male-gender prototypes, establishing ideologies ostensible to that sa me race and gender, signifying status and power, and mentioning minimal influences aspired by females and minorities. The speculations therefrom have caused females and minorities to experienced delayed or non-existent advancements in managerial of leadership roles (2007). Recent literature more readily discusses cues that are suggestive of race and male-oriented ideologies of leadership as data depicts possibilities for setting apart females or minorities that may have potential and creditability for top leadership positions. Two articles, The Synergistic Leadership Theory (SLT), (Irby, Brown, Duffy, and Trautman, 2001) and the White Standard Racial Bias in Leader Categorization (Rosette, and Phillips, 2008) probe female and minority presence ... from predispositions about behaviors. Subtle aversive racism derived from prejudicial stereotypes continues to lay biases among female and minorities. Leadership prototypes that refer to being White as being the stereotypical ch aracteristic nevertheless existent and lay constructs that affect minorities and non mentioned in these investigation, female minorities.To many instances occur in leadership where individuals in power set the organizations culture or create biases that countermine the acceptance of leadership potential and follower 7support. Research that ignores leadership traits, values, behaviors, abilities, and skills establishes, to the contrary, data based on traditional beliefs about any group non excluding the aged, female minorities, and others, is soaked in attitudes given by the majority and questionable.

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Search for Freedom in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Song of So

Search for Freedom in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, vocal of Solomon, and Push Many minority authors write about an individuals search for self which culminates in the realization of personal license. This has been an important theme in African-American literature beginning with the slave narratives to modern poetry and prose. The concept of freedom has a myriad of meanings which encompasses national political liberty to an individuals own personal freedom. Personal freedom is the ability to ignore societal and familial influences to find the true sense of self. Individuals are truly liberated when they are physically, mentally, and spiritually free. Sense of self is the prescience we possess when we psychologically realize and accept our true qualities and limitations. Attaining personal freedom is not a simple affair. It is a lifelong journey which is tedious and demanding with obstacles and setbacks which must be conquered. The search for personal free dom is exemplified in the following three novels, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, shout of Solomon by Toni Morrison, and Push by Sapphire. The main protagonists, Linda Brent, Milkman and Precious, respectively, achieve personal freedom through attainment of knowledge, by confronting their families, and by overcoming the prejudices of society. Moreover, although the search for personal freedom is an individual journey, it cannot be achieved without assistance. Knowledge is a primary factor in the attainment of personal freedom. This includes not only scholarly education but also awareness of diachronic heritage and familial legacy. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., in his introduction to The Classic Slave Narrativ... ...Carmean, Karen, Toni Morrisons World of Fiction, Troy The Whitston Publishing Company, 1993. Jacobs, Harriet. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, compose by Herself. 1861. The Classic Slave Narratives. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. New York Mentor, 1987. 332-515. Morrison, Toni. Song of Solomon. New York Plume, Peach, Norman. Modern Novelists Toni Morrison. Ed. Norman Page. New York St. Martins Press, 1995. Sapphire. Push. New York Vintage Contemporaries, 1996. Storhoff, Gary. Anaconda Love Parental Enmeshment in Toni Morrisons Song of Solomon. Style 31 No. 2 (Summer 1997). 290-309. September 18, 2001 <http.//>. Willbern, David. Reading After Freud. Ed. G. Douglas Atkins and Laura Morrow. Contemporary Literary Theory. Amherst University of Massachusetts Press, 1989. 158-179.

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Books especially Great Expectations Essay

whip is very child want the way Dickens describes him, almost naive and he has a large imagination.Dickens shows Pips naivety by ordaining the reader Pip believes his mothers name was also Georgina as that was written on the gravestone.Pip is introduced when he is at the graveyard.Dickens aims for the readers empathy by telling us that five of his siblings are dead and buried with his mother and father.The historical context Dickens used was that in the 1800s children died young.Then we are introduced to the criminal who we afterwards learn is called Abel Magwitch.When Pip meets the convict he is in irons, rags and is hungry.Dickens showed us this man was of lower class by the way he spoke and the situation his did not wear a hat like gentlemen did.A man with no hat, and broken shoes.Abel mystifys off as a scary man save erst he has food and a file for his irons, his attitude changes.Dickens tries to get sympathy for Abel by the way he describes him as having a jerk and using his arms to warm himself up as well holding himself together.Estella is introduced in chapter eight.Estella is the adopted daughter of Miss Havisham Estella was brought up to hate men by Miss. Havisham.This causes Estella to poke fun at many aspects of Pip.She has been taught well like most upper class children and Dickens shows this by her speech and appearance.Dont be ridiculous boy, she believes herself to be higher and more important than Pip due to her being of a higher class.Miss. Havisham was a wealthy woman who got leave at the alter, her life went down hill from there as if she was stuck in the time.We can see that from the way Dickens describes the way her house was decorated.Dickens makes Miss. Havisham come over as a bitter spiteful lady by using her speech and actions.Sometimes I have sick fantasies. She went on.The Setting.The first chapter is desexualize in a graveyard which gives the reader an eerie yet calm feeling until the convict appears changing the atmospher e to dramatic.Dickens uses words like transcend, forgotten and bleak to create the sense of setting and atmosphere.He then goes to use words like terrible and fearful to fit into the new dramatic setting.Towards the end of chapter one, Dickens uses nearly a full paragraph on just describing the setting. sky was just a row of long angry, red lines and stark lines intermixed. This gives off a rather calming yet suspenseful atmosphere.Chapter eight is started with a strong sense of suspense and curiosity, the setting and atmosphere being two questionable and fearful.Dickens uses words like scornful, dark and uncomfortable to successfully create an atmosphere he describes Miss. Havisham as almost skeleton like then he continues to actually have Pip compare her to a wax skeleton.Dickens uses words like hollow eyes, faded scratch up and very slim to get his point across.When comparing the two settings they are very similar by that way they are both set in a dark settings and suspense ful atmospheres. The storyline.The entire book is mainly focussed around Pips days and his meeting of new people in both different classes.Chapter one is focussed on Pip meeting the convict, who is of a lower class and then chapter eight is focussed on Pip meeting Estella and Miss. Havisham who are of a higher class.The story is slightly Pip and his feelings when he meets each of these people as well as the expectations he has for himself once meeting those people.Pip tries to raise his expectations for himself once hes met Estella.Dickens chooses everything carefully when writing a storyline, like names for instance he describes art upon Estella in chapter eight as her light came along the dark passage like a star. Estella is actually Latin for star so you can tell he chose the name wisely as well as fitting historical context into the chapter.He also uses pat experiences to help write about events in his books especially Great Expectations.

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Coffee Republic -Marekting Communications Plan Essay

1. Executive Summary coffee Re semipublic was founded in 1995 by Bobby and Sahar Hashemi, who noniced a market gap where they could shop their high quality product at an affordable price to customers wishing something more than just regular coffee and fast regimen offered by some other high street chains(Hashemi S, 2001). At first the product was marketed in the UK only, only with the development of the brand, the follow has managed to enter markets internationally in countries such as Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Romania, Ireland etc. Since Coffee Republic is not a typical coffee shop chain, only when operates under three brands simultaneously Coffee Republic, Coffee Republic Deli and Republic Deli, it is essential also to concentrate on the food selection. Food market is very specific and thus far a petty-scale mistake drive out lead to a majuscule loss of customers. Recently, the confederacy has collapsed into administration, blaming recession for its prob lems. Developing a merchandising communication theory plan in raise to reinvigorate Coffee Republic as a brand will require the utilise a pull strategy that should focus on publicise strategy in several medias such as radio or taxis and other marketing communications tools such as sponsorship.2. Campaign Objectives. selling communications objectives typically refer to sales and/or to the goals the marketing communications agree in affecting the estimation of the mark listening.(Pickton D., Broderick A. 2005). Rather than developing new products, that the company could introduce to the market, it is more important to deliver the essence of the brand to the audience. In other words, using the flow of information to reposition the brand in the mind of the consumer. With the bud jerk off of 1 million there is a need to develop a campaign placeed at a segment of everyday consumer who is looking for a coffee to get them through the day. The age of the consumer is 21-35 years and they are usually white jot workers with an average income of 20,000 pounds p.a. They also rely on public transport to get them to work, rather than on their private means of transport.Main Objectives of the campaigna. To raise the awareness of Coffee Republic among the market of 21-35-year-old, males and females, white collar workers, with an income above 20,000 pounds p.a., and who rely on public transport to get them to work. b. To reposition the brand as one selling a gourmet and exclusive product, but also one, offering an exclusive product at an affordable price. c. To create strong brand values, so that the customer is aware of what it stands for and not for what it sells. d. To ensure that the food offer is distinct and differs from others, in the mind of the consumer. e. To reinvigorate the Coffee Republic brand and stop it going out of business.PositioningThe market for Coffee shops and deli shops is very competitive and is characterized by companies and smaller entrepren eurs which operate on two sides of it. Either it is ruled by small independent retailers functioning on a local scale or boastfulger chains like Costa Coffee with large budgets, being able to set high standards and which the target audience seems to prefer more than chains such as Coffee Republic. Trying to fit into both of those markets is really difficult as it requires more monetary excitant in magnitude to develop both coffee and food offer.Coffee Republic is a company which does not qualify for either of those territories and the aim of the marketing communication plan would be to try and push it into the higher end in the hierarchy, so it can cope with larger developments. In order to compete and achieve the earlier naturalised objectives, it will be essential to reposition the brand. Since the essence of positioning a brand or product is to differ it from the competitors in the mind of consumers (De Pelsmacker P., Guens M., Van de Bergh J 2001), it will be necessary to strengthen the role of food selection and to emphasize its meaning in the campaign in general.The company will have to start selling not only a great quality coffee but also add build by offering a selection of meats, cheeses and other gourmet foods, but also provide not too complex lunch service, a few seats and tables forthe sit-down lunch crowd and take-out catering options including for example cold meat and cheese trays. What is more, the company will have to re-consider the position of their units. The ideal location for delis and coffee shops is in office districts, industrial malls and mall food courts, where the targeted audience of white collar workers could be approached.3. Overall Creative ThemeIn order to gain the attention of 21-35-years-old white collar workers, relying on public transport, the message, that Coffee Republic will desire to deliver will have to be modernistic and convincing. The general theme will have to remind the target audience of mouth watering f ood and delicious coffee available only in Coffee Republic retail units. Since the segment targeted is a group of young and middle aged people, probably aware modern fashions and newest trends, the clear statement of contemporaneousness will also need to be depicted along with an image of greatest value and high quality food and coffee available at an affordable price.The general creative idea would be to use more aggressive slogans that the target audience would find encouraging and at the same while robust. Slogans like Have it OUR way Wake up to a smell of coffee HUNGRY? Have it our way, would relay a clear and lusty message, that the target audience will associate with simplimetropolis but also with high quality of products offered.4. Communications StrategyThe promotional mix will be used in order to support the pull strategy. The combination of advertising strategy and sponsorship will be implemented in order to meet the established objectives. The advertising will have to take place in mainly in radio, general-interest magazines and taxis since the financial resources for the campaign are relatively small and the company can not afford television advertising. Although advertising can be seen as expensive in overall cost terms this has to be outweighed by the circumstance that many members of target audience can be reached (Pickton D., Broderick A. 2005).In the radio, it would be useful to use the voices of some head known celebrities, who could easily influence the targetaudience and increase the interest among new, potential customers. Because the targeted audience relies on public means of transport while getting to work, it would be reasonable also to portion some resources in small posters inside taxis and stickers including slogans on their sides. Since the company already has quite a well designed website, it would be useful to start advertising it elsewhere in the internet. To balance the radio advertising it would be a good idea to advertis e the company on the radios website. The wages of this is that many listeners frequently visit the website of the station they listen to and the target audience can be reached in two mediums simultaneously.In order to reach the target audience through national radio station, some kind of sponsorship may play an essential role in the campaign. Sponsoring a concert or a national event, would definitely be noticed through the media of national radio station. During the concert, symbols and logos of the company will be omnipresent and in that way, noticed by the target audience.a. Advertising StrategyMedia Local Radio Stations since radio advertising is considerably cheap, it would be worth to invest in that kind of promoting the brand. It reaches the biggest keep down of potential customers-the target audience, at the lowest cost. Because the audience targeted is considerably young, the best station to advertise would be a national radio station, but since the financial resources for the campaign are quite small, the efforts will have to concentrate on large local radio stations, where the cost of a campaign will be much smaller.The best time to promote the company in the radio would be early morning, when most of the target audience wake up to work, or listen to the radio while working. In addition to the radio campaign, it would be worthwhile to promote the company on the websites of the radio stations. As mentioned before, it is a great opportunity to raise the awareness of the target audience through two mediums at the same time at a reasonable cost. The cost of small banners at the websites of the radiostations should not be high and will be an strong supplement for the radio campaign. Taxis The reason for effectiveness of advertising the company on taxis is quite clear. The research shows that taxis spend more than 90% of their working time in town and city centers and because of that there is quite a big probability of the adverts displayed inside and o n the sides being noticed by the target audience traveling to and from work. What is more, each taxi spends the average of 8 hours working in city centers, which provides the effectiveness of city billboards, which are much more expensive. With the budget available, the company will have a great opportunity to reach the city and town centers, where the target audience spends a lot of their time. General-interest magazines because of quite a small financial budget of the company, it can not afford to develop an effective internet advertising campaign, which would be a great solution in that case. However, in order to boost the campaign, the company can make a use of the medium of general-interest magazines. Advertising in magazines, quite often read by the target audience such as The Spectator, The Business Magazine or The Economist, but also in more general interest magazines such as Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan, will constitute a great and effective way of make the segment targete d. The main advantage of magazine advertising is that the production quality is high and as a result a more compelling mark advert can be designed.b. Sponsorship-sponsorship may be defined as a commercial activity, whereby one party permits another an opportunity to exploit an connective with a target audience in return for funds, services and resources(Fill, 2002). In order to get noticed in the national radio stations, or even on television, it would be useful to sponsor an event or a concert, which usually gains a lot of attention of young people and enables the opportunity to get noticed by them. As mentioned before, that medium will ensure that the company logosand posters will also be noticed during the event as well as before it takes place, during commercials promoting it.5. Report SummaryThe evaluation of the marketing communication plan is very important in the whole process of the campaign. It is essential not to forget to measurement the degree to which each part of t he marketing communications plan has contributed to successful development of the campaign. With such approach, each part will have to be assessed according to different characteristics in order to observe the effectiveness of the campaign. Since the campaign concentrates on advertising strategy and sponsorship mainly, it will be necessary to measure the degree to which these two marketing tools have contributed to the general success of the campaign.BibliographyCoffee Republic PLC (2007) Coffee Republic Annual Report, RubiconDe Pelsmacker P., Guens M., Van de Bergh J (2001) selling Communications, Harlow Pearson Education LimitedHashemi S. (2007), Anyone Can Do it Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table 57 Real Life Laws on Entrepreneurship, CapstoneFill C. (2002) Marketing Communications Contexts, Strategies and Applications, Harlow Pearson Education LimitedFill C. (2007) Marketing communications Engagements, Strategies and Practice, Harlow Pearson Education LimitedPick ton D., Broderick A (2005) Integrated Marketing Communications, Harlow Pearson Education Limited

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Colorado Creative Music Case Study Essay

Large differences among competitors (advertisement) Necessity of touring across the country (more personal approach) Driving forces Financial Lowered sign investment (technology) Easy to enter the market Digitalization (fixed costs) Non- monetary (art) To create a better piece of art Essential for business to happen Attractiveness of the persistence from the standpoint of good long-term profit prospects Health problems of Mr. Darren Skanson Instead of 2 planned CDs only 1 sassy CD He found new unisonians Need to plow more CDs (no more sales, no profit) for acceptation of the CDs by distributors Direct sales be big part of sales Finding of some responsible and proficient person SWOT analysis strengths decreased expenses due to digital revolution position on the market Darrens presence at shows the direct sale weaknesses lack of managerial skills insufficient distribution channel reducing profit SWOT analysis cont opportunities reaching broader audience with promoting various artists and music styles music events outside Colorado cooperation with retail outlets nationwide threats new entrants existing competition minor position on the market iracy Assessment of CCMs financial performance Not very various financial performance of the company Trends in each year increasing gross profit of the company/expenses are increasing/net income is decreasing except 1998/sales are increasing but not very problem Increased number of work change magnitude number of money for hiring of new people.He need to sell more CDs if the company wants to be a part of national distribution he had some(prenominal) options 1. To have several artists and to play as record label 2. Compete with artists on a recording label with Sony Classical 3. To make a new good selling product and to use money from sales for first two goals He found out that needs to increase promotion and promotion process (not quality but image) The biggest dilemma after having health problems need to find responsible and skilful person Uncertainties manager on his position go off be weak and not such good as Darren not beneficial for the company no profit.

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A Literature Review About Mecication Errors Essay

IntroductionAn shift rate of 5% is acceptable in most industries, however, in the health c be manufacture wholeness single demerit stool give in death. (Berntsen, 2004, p5) This paper discusses medicament errors in relation to pharmacology and medicate treatment. It ordain summarize terzetto academic peer appraiseed journal articles, followed by general information in relation to medicament errors, the continue of medication errors on client vexation, strategies to prevent medication errorsand conclude with the relationship to nursing.Summary of Articles Related to Medication Errors.The first article is by Karin Berntsen, 2004, and is entitled How Far Has Health Care Come Since To Err is human race? Exploring Use of Medical Error Data. This is a review of what changes have been made since a medication error report written by the install of Medicine was published in 1999. This article depicts how the health care system has changed since this 1999 report was written, and how the information was utilized for our benefit. They concluded that in the USA, medical errors were one of the elucidate 8 leading aims of death. They describe the cost for these errors was between $17 Billion to $29 billion dollars. Until a new report is completed, health care providers will be unaware whether their goals in increasing uncomplaining safety were accomplished. The article finalizes that there has been progress in regards to prevention of medication errors and health care leadership feel passionate about increasing patient safety. (Berntsen 2004)The second article is by William N. Kelly, 2004, and is titled Medication Errors Lessons Learned and Actions Needed and highlights the death of a one year old child who was diagnosed with cancer. She subsequently died, not from the cancer, but from receiving an incorrect dosage of a medicate that she was being treated with. This report indicates that medications are systematically checked and balanced and errors are usually caught in the lead a do do mediciness is administered to a patient. The article states that problems are not being solved in a timely manner since the industry has been putting band aids on problems that need major surgery.(Kelly 2004). In conclusion, the article questions whether or not they are taking the right approach in preventing errors. Many people are trying to fix this problem however errors are still made excessively frequently. (Kelly 2004)The final article is by Rosemary M. Preston, 2004, and is titled Drug Errors and Patient preventive A Need for Change in Practice. This article presents that errors persist to happen for more reasons. It concentrates upon calculations errors, lack of knowledge of drugs, over/under dosing drugs,interactions with drugs and food, and legalities regarding drug administration. It also presents recommendations to minimize the risk of drug errors with good communication and honesty. The article closes by stating that nurses shoul d never estimate the skills needed for safe administration of medicines. (Preston 2004)Key aspects medication errors and their causes.To learn the impact that medication errors have on a patient, we have to understand what a medication error is. agree to Health Canada online, a medication error is defined asAny preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient, or consumer. Such events may be related to professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems, including prescribing order communication product labelling, packaging, and nomenclature compounding dispensing distribution administration discipline monitoring and use. Developed for use by the National Coordinating Council on Medication Error Reporting and Prevention( http// errors chance for a variety of reasons. An error can affect all areas of a health care facility from health care management, staff, physicians, pharmacy and especially patients. Studies have indicated that errors will usually occur when the staff demonstrates signs of fatigue, stress, are over-worked or encounter frequent interruptions and distractions. When physicians display bad handwriting, ineffective communication with patients, and do not educate staff and patients effectively, a medication error is more likely to happen. Poor management can run in more medication errors when there is an emphasis on volume, over improvement quality. This results in inadequate staffing and disorganization. Medication errors affect all components of the health care environment. (http// on client care.As disturbing as it sounds, one miniscule error can result in a patients smirch or can even lead to their death. According to the American Journal of Medicine, statistics reveal that more than two million American hospitalize d patients suffered a serious adverse drug reaction in relation to injury within the 12-month period and, of these, over 100,000 died as a result. http// Death and injury is a sad reality to any single error.The government established six rights of drug administration to prevent medication errors and ensure accuracy. These six rights include Right drug, right dose, Right client, right route, right time and right documentation. (Kozier & Erb 2004)Injuries that result from a medication error are called adverse drug events. Usually, these unpleasant effects can be eliminated and injury can be avoided. However, every drug produces harmful side effects, but the severities of these effects vary from individual to individual. These side effects also depend on the drug and the dose given. (Kozier & Erb 2004)Health care professionals must report all errors and are accountable for their actions. No matter how insignificant, nurses are taught to document and rep ort all mistakes. When statistics show what types of errors are made, an analysis can be done. This analysis can be used to plan ways to prevent them medication errors. (Berntsen, 2004)When a nurse does not report a mistake, the probability that it will happen again will increase.Medication errors have a huge impact on client care. They can result in death, injury, and result in unwanted effects of drugs. It is our responsibility as nurses to comply with the clients six rights of drug administration, to prevent errors from taking place.Strategies to prevent medication errors.There are many efficient ways to prevent nurses from making an error. To ensure patient safety in all aspects of client care, nurses are taught to think vituperatively, and to problem solve. Nurses use critical persuasion to ensure safe, knowledgeable, nursing performance and they must be able to keep up with updated health facts by constantly educating themselves with new information. (Kozier & Erb 2004) Crit ical thinking assists in the prevention of medication errors.The six rights in drug administration help prevent medication errors from occurring. It is important to maintain the highest standards of practice of these rights for a drug to be prepared properly. Failure to adhere to any one of these rights will definitely result in a medication error. (Clayton & Stock, 2004)Take your time when preparing medications and seek any unknown drugs. Rushing should be avoided when preparing, administering and reading medication labels. Proper research must be done before an unknown drug is administered it to a client. Even when in a rushed emergency situation, drugs should be looked at carefully to know the correct concentration and name of the drug, to prevent injury. (http// should be read carefully and accurately. Before a drug is given to a patient, threesome checks should be done to ensure you are giving the proper drug and dose. In a situation where you are unsure of a drug order, you are expected to refuse the order and get through it by law. If an individual is unfamiliar with a particular drug, the drug should not be given. (http// a label is unclear, do not try not to examine the drug order yourself. Do not ask an associate, or ask for anyone elses interpretation of the drug. To get the correct information, contact the individual who ordered the drug to clarify the label. In order to decrease the chances of error, verify all unclear hand writing, abbreviations, decimal points, decimal places and dosages. (http// of dosage abbreviations should not be used to avoid drug miscalculations. Dosage abbreviations are misinterpreted more often, than any other type of abbreviation. Using standardized abbreviations, would assist in preventing misinterpretation of abbreviations. (Preston 2004)A drug check should be done three times prior to the admi nistration of a drug. The drug label should correspond with the physicians orders. The three checks should be done Before removing the drug from the shelf or dosage cart, before preparing or measuring the actual prescribed dose, and before replacing the drug on the shelf or before opening a unit dose container, just before administering a dose to a patient. (Clayton & Stock, 2004)Do not make assumptions regarding drugs. Physicians, pharmacists, make mistakes and other parts of the health system may be flawed. For example, when documentation shows the patient has no drug allergy, it is wrongful to assume the patient will have no adverse reaction to a new drug. This could result in detrimental results to a clients health. Therefore no assumptions should ever me made. (http// quiet environment for preparing medications will prevent prescription errors from occurring. Sometimes, nurses are repeatedly interrupted when preparing a medication. Di stractions interfere with processing information and conclusiveness making. Errors will least likely occur when preparations are done when there are no distractions. (http// preventing errors, staff must be certain all dosage calculations are correct and clarified. It may be beneficial to ask a colleague to assist you in checking doses, to minimize the chance of miscalculations. Other suggestions to minimize error include making pre-calculated conversion cards, always use a leading zero before a decimal, never use a zero aft(prenominal) the decimal and include indications whenever possible. Miscalculations are preventable if proper methods of inspecting calculations are used. (Preston2004, p.72)Assess for the effects of drugs to avoid harming a client. A client must be assessed before and after a drug is given. For instance, before giving an oral medication, assess whether the client can swallow or feels nauseated. An appropriate foll ow up should be done after a medication is administered. It is important to check if the client experienced the desired effect of the drug. Significant abnormal responses to drug should be reported to the physician. (Kozier & Erb 2004)Conclusion.To finalize this assignment, medication errors are mistakes that can cause harm to patients and can even result in death. The articles that have been summarized illustrate situations where medication errors have occurred and review what the health care industry is doing to prevent errors. A medication error is preventable and errors can be caused by a variety of reasons. This paper has discussed the impact medication errors have on client care and strategies of how to prevent errors from occurring. As a nurse, this knowledge will assist me in keeping beneficence a priority for client care.ReferencesClayton, Bruce D., BS, RPh, PharmD, and Yvonne N. Stock, MS, BSN, RN. Basic Pharmacology for Nurses. 13th ed. United States of America Mosby, 200 4.Government of Canada Online. (2004, Summer). Retrieved July 18, 2004, from HealthCanada Web rank (http//, William N. Medication Errors. Professional Safety 49 35. Academic bet Elite. EBSCO. Assiniboine Community College. 22 July 2004 .Government of Canada Online. (2004, Summer). Retrieved July 18, 2004, from HealthCanada Web site (http// & Erb, Barbara, et al. Fundamentals of Nursing. 7th ed. Upper Saddle River, bare-assed Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.Minimizing Medication Errors. (n.d.). In NAPRA National Association of PharmacyRegulatory Authorities. Retrieved July 17, 2004, from NAPRA National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities Web site http//, Rosemary M. Drug errors and patients safety the need for a change inpractice. British Journal of Nursing (BJN) 13 72. Academic Search Elite. EBSCO. Assiniboine Community College. 22 July 2004 .

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Bush’s Environment Policy Essay

The bushs surroundal policy basically concentrates mainly on first improving the economic and military characterize of the country and then tackling the problem of pollution and environment degradation. The United States of America under bushs administration is a realist state. For a realist state, international surety is one of the main aims. Therefore, his policies are more towards removing hurdles for military development. Plus, resources are scarce, and this is nothing hidden from whatsoeverone, and since America largely depends on these resources, Bushs administrative polices are always up for projects for production of energy.I would not say that his policies are against the environment, they are just not for it. I, being an environmentalist at heart, powerfully disagree with the current Bushs administration policy. If the level of pollution emitted by industries does not go down, we have every reason to worry rough our coming generations and our natural habitat. At the in ternational level, environmental trim downs are what matter the most because if a country like America does not change its policies, it allow become the strongest nation of the weakest world.The United States of America is one of the most influential countries ball-shapedly and its decisions affect almost every other country in the world. The alone solution for environmental protection is global governance. This means that a single individual or a single state cannot do anything about this issue if it wanted to. Because it is a universal problem and it affects the entire globe, every state must come together and do something about it.Economic growth and environment protection cannot go hand in hand and often are two aims that have conflicts. This is why every country must make a choice. If the most significant and dominant country does not make the right choice of giving priority to environment over economic growth, we cannot expect any other country to cut down on its growth ec onomically. A study carried out recently came to a conclusion, that at present, the United States of America is trustworthy for most of the pollution caused in the world today.According to a BBC report, it constitutes for 4 percent of the total world population and at the same time, it is responsible for 24 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions given out in the environment. (BBC News, 2002) Hence, it is no surprise to why the majority of opinions are against the bushs administrative policies. As mentioned in the article, according to polls carried out in 2001 and 2002, even the majority of the American public does not want economic, resource and military growth if that means that their environment has to suffer.America also had to face large criticism for not being a part of Kyoto Protocol which could have been the closest solution to the problem of global warming. In conclusion, I would like to state, that Bushs policies are not for people because the long term result of them is loss of environment that surrounds those people. It must suck in the importance of the strong need for strict environment policies before it is too late. References BBC News, (2002) Q&A The US and climate change from BBC News. Website http//news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/1820523. stm

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Analyzing Countee Cullen’s poem “Incident”

The poem Incident (1925) is one Countee Cullens famous literary works which essentially narrates the hold up of the vocalizer in Baltimore at a young age. Although Cullen is considered as drab, he did not want separate people to refer to him as a Black poet yet simply a poet for he believes that poetry is without race.In Countee Cullens poem, the vocalizer narrates the treatment the speaker received from a Baltimorean of almost the same age which reflects the imagination that during those times discrimination based on color is evident. Being called a Nigger in the poem, the speaker attempts to emphasize the idea that the well-disposed atmosphere in Baltimore during those days was not conducive to Blacks.In analyzing the poem, I intend to use the structuralist frameworks of Ferdinand de de Saussure and Roland Barthes. Although both argon huge thinkers under the umbrella of semiology, there argon apparent distinctions between the approaches taken by both philosophers. Moreover, these distinctions will help us look deeper into the poem from seemingly distinct point of views, thereby allowing the lecturer to acknowledge the fact that, under the helm of structuralism, there are structural familys between concepts and that these relationships differ among various cultures or languages. Consequently, the theory asserts that these relationships can be explored and advantageously exposed with an underlying purpose.In essence, the paper attempts to critically analyze Countee Cullens poem Incident by using the structuralist theoretical frameworks of Roland Barthes and Ferdinand de Saussure. The analysis further attempts to elucidate several(prenominal) significant contentions embedded into the poem.Ferdinand de Saussure sort and signifiedFerdinand de Saussure is the proponent of the dualistic notion of signs where he proposed the idea of frame and signified. In essence, a signifier is the phrase uttered or the form of the word expressed while on the other ha nd a signified is a mental concept. Saussure further proposed that the signifier can be related to the signified or that there is a relationship between the twain concepts.Distancing himself from the Platonic doctrine of the relationship between the signifier and the object it signifies, Saussure rather contended that there is no apparent or necessary connection between the sign and its presumed meaning. His contention rests on his presumption that the sign by nature is entirely arbitrary which corresponds to the idea that one can come up with a sign for a true object yet there is no necessary or mend connection between the signifier and its meaning for the reason that the sign is arbitrarily created. perhaps Ferdinand de Saussure is also known for his claim that no word is inherently meaningful primarily because a word serves only as a signifier or as the representation of an object. Further, the signifier should be corroborated with the signified or the thing itself within the brain so as to create a meaning-imbued sign.Roland Barthes materialistic interrogationsRoland Barthes can be credited for the claim that semiology is of substantial help in interrogating fragments of cultural material in purchase order to reveal how the bourgeois society apply these fragments of cultural material in order to assert the values of the bourgeois society upon other individuals. He explained that the myths created by the bourgeois society are continent significations or second-order signs such as the case where the portrayal of wine as a lively and healthy habit in the societies in France is an ideal intelligence of these bourgeois societies which, on the other hand, are contradicted by several realities such as the reality that wine can also be inebriating as well(p) as unhealthy.Critical literary analysisIn the first two lines of the poem, it can be subscriber lined that the speaker was traveling or, more precisely, riding in old Baltimore who appears to be happ y that day. While riding, the speaker saw a Baltimorean kept on looking at straight at the speaker. These first two lines demonstrate us the idea that there is a differing attitude of local Baltimoreans during those days towards Black people.At this point in the poem, it can be noted that a Black individual with a heart-filled, head-filled with glee is an ironic put inment since Baltimore, Maryland has a history of Black slavery (Phillips 18). Hence, a Black individual roaming the neighborhood of Baltimore with a cheerful countenance appears to strike the attention of those who have lived there and those who have an understanding of the historical context of the society. Hence, it is no surprise that the Baltimorean kept looking straight at the speaker.In the context of Saussure, the concept of old Baltimore may suggest the presumption that it may not necessarily be the case that the range of Baltimore is not to be taken strictly in the sense of being old in terms of age.Rather , there may hitherto be other meanings which can be attached to it such as the concept of being weak, physically impaired, or handicapped in umpteen different ways such as handicapped in terms of being able to provide the protection for its citizens or individuals who are situated in Baltimore. These are just a few of the possible meanings which can be attached to the concept of old Baltimore. Saussure subjects several other possibilities other than what Cullen explicitly states in his poem. In essence, these first two lines indicate that the whole poem is open to several interpretations.The contention of structuralists can be juxtaposed with the reality during the time when the poem was written. Being a state that held slaves of which it was made legal prior to 1850 and where Blacks had a significant presence in the locality, the history of Baltimore and the larger state of Maryland encapsulates a significant degree of sizeableness on the social roles and identity of blacks dur ing those times. In the poem, the speaker highlights the fact that, although Blacks took an important role in the development of Baltimore historically speaking, treatment towards them from local people was still tainted with a discriminatory nature.Roland Barthes, for this matter, will contend that the concept of old Baltimore may reveal the idea that Baltimore is equivalent to that of a bourgeois society who keep slavery as a common practice in order to sustain the percept that it is ideal in the promotion of the welfare of the whole society.In the second stanza of the poem, the speaker narrates his experience that time when he was eight and very small. Eventually, after noticing the Baltimorean who kept looking, the speaker smiled knowing that the Baltimorean was no whit bigger. The speaker, then, tried to highlight the idea that, while Blacks attempted to portray a cheerful countenance or at least a normal perception of their society that for once held their race as slaves, the ir society in return gave them a negative response. This is made evident in the last two lines in the second stanza of the poem where the Baltimorean poked out his knife and called the speaker Nigger even though the speaker merely smiled at him.The act of lick out the tongue is a gesture that is commonly taken to mean as an unkind gesture, one that depicts sarcasm, mockery, or an insult towards ones being. Moreover, for a child, the act of poking out the tongue towards somebody of almost the same age or size is an act that shows hatred, disgust, or ideas similar to that. Apparently, this observation reinforces the contention of Roland Barthes that, indeed, there is an underlying bourgeois precept lingering in Baltimore during those times.What is more striking is that the Baltimorean did not only make the gesture of poking out his tongue. He also called the speaker Nigger which, during those early days, translates into a form of mockery or insult. It highlights the idea that, by ca lling a person Nigger, that person is treated to be as someone who belongs to the lower levels of the larger society. And while Maryland is historically known to have made slavery legal back in the 1800s (Phillips 18), Black people would have been treated as lesser than being human beings.In essence, Barthes contention of an underlying bourgeois precept in Baltimore during those days is considerably seen in the poem. The system of slavery and the racial prejudice present the idea that these concepts are significations where, perhaps, the Baltimorean society altered the way in which the perceptions of races are viewed in order to favor the bias towards the white race and heighten the prejudice towards the Blacks.In the poem where the speaker is called by the Baltimorean as Nigger, one can note the idea that there is social segregation or the idea that there is the separation or delineation of Blacks from the rest of those who lived in the area.By suggesting the idea of social segreg ation, the poem attempts emphasize the separate treatment for Blacks, delegating them under a lower status and social indifference. It gives us the sense that, while there are perceived demarcations in social hierarchy at least in the context of Baltimore, Maryland, there remains the larger truth that slavery poses a cracking deal of role in this demarcation.Roland Barthes superpower very well agree with these contentions for the reason that the social indifference towards the Blacks is a result of the significations brought about by the individuals who uphold the financial foundations for the means of building or maintaining the society. As a child of eight years, the psychological effects of the experience of being called a Nigger is emotionally or psychologically devastating which is the idea being presented in the last stanza (Piaget 81).In the third and final stanza, the speaker narrates that he was able to see and experience the whole of Baltimore from May until December. F or some reason, the speaker went on to stay in Baltimore for almost seven months, lingering with various people in the place and experiencing many other things as a child of eight years. And during those seven months and of all the things that happened there, the speaker is only able to remember the day when he was given over an indifferent treatment from the Baltimorean. Saussure may suggest the idea that the psychological impact of that experience which lingered for all those months, and even perhaps until the speaker grew older, is still open to further interpretation.When an individual is still able to remember every detail of an event or experience that transpired long ago, it might entail that the event or experience was unforgettable which was greatly absorbed into the memory of the person. It suggests the idea that being called a Nigger will not be forgotten. On the other hand, it might also entail that event being signified is relatively flexible in terms of interpretation such that the event experienced by the narrator will apparently be forgotten. In essence, what Saussure might suggest is the presumption that these events, including all of the signifiers and signified concepts and the relationships that appear to be involved, have no fixed meanings. These things are subject to human interpretation as the meanings of these things are not in any way fixed.Works CitedCullen, Countee. Incident. Caroling Dusk An Anthology of Verse by Black Poets of the Twenties. New York, N.Y. Citadel, 1993. 187.Phillips, Christopher. Slavery and the Growth of Baltimore. Freedoms Port The African American Community of Baltimore, 1790-1860 (Blacks in the New World). Urbana University of Illinois Press, 1997. 18.Piaget, Jean. Memory and the Structure of Imge-Memories. The Psychology of the Child. New York, N.Y. elementary Books, 2000. 81.

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Amd and 64 bit microporcessor

It check up onms that the migration to 64-bit strategy for home and affair use is unstoppable. AMD, Intel and Microsoft ar leading the say technology migration. 64-bit computing is dominating faster in the knowledge base of desktop PCs, it is embraced by the computing industry form all around the world. News more or less some modernistic processors, operational clays and covers that takes advantages of this feature is coming everyday. During the 80s the computer systems migrated from 8-bit to 16-bit and later on, in the 90s, the system advanced further once again, to 32-bit.32-bit computing becomes the common place for all the end-users, however that is two decades old and surprisingly computer technology keeps on advancing as the need to induce more powerful desktop need is broadenning up the scale. 32-bit refers the number of bits that dirty dog be graceful or transmitted in parallel. Bits are the smallest unit of information on a machine that a microprocessor give the sack process. The term indicates the width of the registers in union with the microprocessor that is designed in a 32- bit platform.However, we can conclude that a 64-bit processor has a register that can store 64-bit numbers. Therefore, a 64-bit architecture is sure-footed of bear on data two times the touchstone of data a Central Processing building block (CPU) can process per clock cycle. A computer user can easily say or think that 64-bit processors can double the speed of a 32-bit processor. The truth is, it is not all about processing speed, but it is all about memory management. 32-bit processor can use up to 4GB of Random approach Memory (RAM) with the aid of using a capable motherboard.This 4GB Random Access Memory (RAM) is split among the operating system and the applications, 2GB for operating system and 2GB for application. In this manner of thinking, the entire user give see and think that a 64-bit processor is capable of using 8GB of RAM on their 64-bit co mputers. That is why numerous organizations and companies that rag massive amounts of data wear already made the evolution to 64-bit servers, since this server can support passe-partout number of larger files.They can also efficiently load huge enterprise database into memory that results in faster data retrieval and faster searches. The studyity of 64-bit Central Processing Unit (CPU) remuneration will be ignored or will not be noticed without the key mechanism of 64-bit operating system software package system, and device number one woods that can take benefit of 64-bit processor features. In 2005 to present, the puzzle has already been solved.We have a 64-bit operating system and some applications that support the technology and that makes as ready for the big migration. provided then, as the end user thinks that migrating to a 64-bit computing will make their browser move faster, formulate documents will be running faster or even presentation software will forecast mu ch impressive, everyone will be dissatisfied. On the other hand, a more demanding application such as gaming, video editing or encoding and the whole thing that requires more memory will certainly witness the benefits.Even if at this point of time we already have the operating systems, applications that support the 64-bit platform, migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit is still a problem, due to the fact that Device Drivers for x64 operating are not yet fully available. Even the software giant Microsoft has requested those kinds of drivers. I. Brief background on the comp all you have chosen Datronic is a software phylogeny follow focused on two upright markets Windows device driver development and driver developers training based in Portugal Public Library hold in loan application software system based in Germany In 1972, Otto Rudinger founded Datronic in Ausberg/Germany. The main area of the stemma for the first 20 days is Microfilm and high precision barcode master film producti on. In 2001 Marcel Rudinger the son of the founder of the said company founded device driver development department located in Madeira Island in Portugal and took over 49 % of Datronic. Marcel Rudinger as a student of computer science first developed his first MS DOS device driver and a low level system software that is intended to run under 8086 computer.Furthermore he continuously developed drivers and low-level systems software, design and take in management for many known companies worldwide. The company also conducts public and onsite training courses which focuses on device driver development for windows Marcel Rudinger as the trainer. The company has been in this business since the middle of 1990s. 2006 is the year where DATRONICSOFT was founded and Marcel Rudinger took over 100% of the Datronic.DatronicSoft supply onshore development, and test capacities for Windows device driver development, and at the same time develops Datronics public library book loan system as well as for some external companies. Discussion of Current Business Issues The companies training and seminars supply the basic knowledge for developing or writing a complete new drivers and even modification of existing device drivers. The title of the training courses is WDM Device Driver Development for Windows XP, W2K3M facet and Longhorn server course 1(basics). It is a workshop with hands on labs and practical samples.It provides thorough origin to low level and hardware related software development on the Microsoft windows platform. Mostly experienced application chopinemers, system software and driver developers are the companys clients or customers. With DatronicSoft training courses, students expand a thorough knowledge and learn more about the device driver architecture of the Microsoft Windows operating system and their kernel mode components. On top of the course students learn more on backgrounds and concepts of device driver development using the Driver Development Kit (DDK) and lots of practical tips and tricks.C or C++ is the major programming language for device driver development. Visual Studio is used as a fauna for the development environment and as a compiler of the codes. The main issue whether the company is doing the development cheek or conducting offshore or in house training with due respect to adopt 64-bit computing, is the program possible errors occurring while porting C++ code from 32-bit platforms on 64-bit ones. As discussed earlier migrating from 32-bit computer system to 64-bit systems is needful and the need to develop drivers that will support the new platform is truly a necessity.Programmers should understand befittingly that the new see of errors that materialized while coding the 64-bit programs is not just some new faulty constructions among thousand of other codes. These are unavoidable difficulties, which the developers of any developing program will face. We are aware that 64-bit software and drivers is the next step of the information technologies development. But in actuality, only few programmers have faced the nuances of this blather and developing 64-bit programs in particular. The analysis of the errors occurring while porting 32-bit programs on 64-bit system is a difficult task.Writing a not very quality code written without taking into account peculiarities of other architectures, might demand a lot of time and efforts. Thus causing delays on the development side, and may cause inaccurate instruction manual and solutions in the trainings conducted by the company. These issues should not be ignored for it will cause a huge amount of money in the company. We all know any work out delays can cause disaster to any company and most probably it may cause the company to fail its objectives that will lead to the companys downfall.Furthermore, dissatisfied students in terms of the content of the materials will surely arise. Since the student of the company are mostly programmers from dif ferent programming firms, possibility of loosing clients for driver development is very high, because the content of the lecture doesnt have the solutions for the problems stated below. Most common and possible problems that need to be observed thoroughly which the developer of 64-bit programs can face are Common errors of programming which occur on 64-bit systems Reasons for appearing of these errors and the corresponding examples Methods of reclaiming the listed errors Review of methods and message of searching errors in 64-bit programs Recommendations for the Executive Committee With the problems sited in the study, the need to provide possible solutions will be provided. Program errors occurring while porting C++ code from 32-bit platforms on 64-bit ones are observed. Examples of the incorrect code and the ways to correct it are given. Methods and means of the code analysis, which allow diagnosing the errors discussed, are listed. The need to include the solutions to the tr aining courses should be considered and applied in the device driver development side.The following codes and analysis has already been tried and should be applied in both upright market of the company. Off warnings In all books devoted to the development of the quality code it is recommended to set a warning level of warnings shown by the compiler on as high level as possible. But there are situations in practice when for some project parts there is a lower diagnosis level set or it is even set off. Usually it is very old code that is supported but not modified. Programmers who work over the project are used to that this code works and dont take its quality into consideration.Here it is a risk of infection to miss serious warnings by the compiler while porting programs on the new 64-bit system. While porting an application you should prerequisite set on warnings for the whole project that help to check the compatibility of the code and analyze them thoroughly. It can help to save a lot of time while debugging the project on the new architecture. If we wont do this the simplest and stupidest errors will occur in all their variety. Here it is a simple example of rising tide which occurs in a 64-bit program if we ignore warnings at all.

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Pinnacle Machine Tool Company Case Study Essay

The Pinnacle Machine Tool Company case is a case that studies the use of managerial decision reservation and different decision-making styles. Don Anglos, CEO of Pinnacle Company, a machine tool corporation, had a decision to make on whether to get into another company. The company Anglos wished to acquire was Hoilman Inc., a company known for their cutting-edge sensor technology and communications software. Anglos had heard a creditable rumor that a rival company was planning a take-over of Hoilman, and by chance, Anglos k raw Hoilman well because of previous talks he had with them about a possible joint-venture that never worked out. Anglos believed that by acquiring Hoilman, Pinnacle could develop new software that would enable them to provide top-notch service to their customers.For the four years that Anglos has served as CEO for Pinnacle, he has employ his gut instinct while making many risky decisions and it has proven to pay off handsomely. He was able to increase profit revenue growth and increase market share, but through making those moves, he has chipped away at the companys strong profit margins. Anglos recognized that it was time for him to shift his strategy in order to help the company further he wanted to transform the company into a high-tech service company in order to achieve growth and profit, and he believed that acquiring Hoilman would be a good place to start. However, some of Anglos colleagues did not feel the same way. CFO, Sam Lodge, insisted that the time was not right to invest in Hoilman.

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Sociology Families

Soci 1002 Presentation Is this really true, are afro-Caribbean families dysfunctional. In addressing this point, I will examine the sociology theorist Michael Garfield smith. Smith believed that European familys norms and values are important in one way or an oppositewise to the assimilation process and plays a major role in the afro- Caribbean families. He argued that the plantation destroyed African culture and he saw the plantation as the al-Qaida on which the Caribbean family structure was formed.Smith had no doubt that the experience of previous generations on plantation has no doubt influenced the way in which subsequent generations were friendlyized, but he argues that over time families adjust to the present social conditions. European family norms was based mainly the nuclear family, but for afro-caribbean families there are several other types of families. These other types of afro- Caribbean families should be viewed as dysfunctional because it is not of what the Europ ean family norms consist of. The other types of afro-caribbean family structures are The matrifocal family- The emergence and process of African slavefamilies was adverse to the objectives of the plantation. Family units of the slaves were very oftenbroken upand males were often sold to other plantations far away while the mother and her childwere left to survive as aunit. On the other hand, there are other factors, as yet, which contributed to matrifocality in the contemporary Caribbean. These include migration, imprisonment of males, crime, and male marginalization. Onthe issue of male marginalization the male on the plantation could not own property and had no family rights.Hence the marginalization of the male in the Afro-Caribbean family started on the plantation and was further influenced by the aforementioned factors in the current era. * The visiting union- This is a frequent occurrence in the Caribbean it is domestic unit of a woman and her children. present the mother a nd her children live apart of the father but may be visited but may be visited by a mann which the mother shares a relationship with. * The common law unit- Similar to the nuclear family, however it is an ongoing bond that without legal marriage. Here the spouses are committed to each other sexually and urge forward children in a stable relationship.

Frankenstein or his creature? Essay

This is Frankensteins first descriptions of the creature later it has been born, we can fill that at first the describes the monster with words such as having beautiful features, thusly he goes on to repeat the word making it seam manage he is be sarcastic, then he says groovy God This is short and effective sentence, which makes the reader, phone that he does non think that his creature is beautiful, but in f venture ugly and disfigured. The way that Shelley put this phrasing to calculateher, making it a long sentence, makes us think that Frankenstein is thinking carefully about his words, choosing them carefully.Here it is that he realises that the full extend of his arrogance and naivety. He describes his emotions after the as yett as The beauty of the dream had vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. He then rushed out of the room and into his bedroom, the events and how he describes how he is hearting, makes the readers of today think that he i s experiencing what we today would call a nervous breakdown. Luckily, his friend Clerval comes to his rescue and nurses him better.Even as he is on the better side of his recovery, he does not bear to think about what he has done, if he even thinks about it he starts to shake and tremble. Shelley here is describing how we all would feel if we had done something wrong, a sort of wickedness of knowing that one has done something that one should not have done in the first place. In the next chapter, we have a letter from Elizabeth, telling Frankenstein of a Justine Moritz, this letter goes into great detail of this characters past, as Shelley is wanting the reader to find out, as she did with Walton in the beginning, this particular characters past.We hear of how her father had died and he cause had almost disowned her. Is this an separate coincidence that Justine is left almost parentless, as her relationship was never very trustworthy with her mother? In this letter we excessivel y hear of Frankensteins youngest brother William, who we find out in the beginning of chapter seven is dead, another coincidence? We do not here of the creature again until chapter ten, when Frankenstein meets the creature, the run-in changes considerably in the way that we now feel that it is more than formal and almost biblical.It feels like the creator, or God is talking to its creation, Adam. The creature then goes on and it tells its tale in chapters football team through to chapter seventeen. It tells us how it learnt to read and write from the people living in the cottage, how it was rejected by society. This is an interest point that Shelley makes, one of her fathers philosophies was that you could not separate a human being from society, which is on the nose what Shelley does with the monster, and also in a way what she does to Frankenstein when he is in the process of creating the monster itself.The creature also speaks of how he becomes angry and cannot understand his emotions. He tells Frankenstein of how he read his diary that he left understructure in his home, how he felt about some of the things that Frankenstein said about him, and how he feels about being made from dismembered bodies. After the creature finishes telling his story, we recognise how the creature and Frankenstein speak similarly, they both use complicated sentence structures and they know how to talk about how they feel arousedly. We can sympathise with the creature on an emotional level, because of the way the book is pen.Shelley, very cleverly, gave the book three viewpoints. From the view of Walton, Frankenstein and of the creature. This gives us an insight into how the creatures mind works, so we can empathise with how he is feeling, so we do not get a one sided view of him from Frankenstein. We get to understand why the creature feels angry and also that the creature does not see what he is doing as wrong. He does not care about killing William or skeletal system Ju stine, he describes her as Another one I could not have. This in his eyes, made her just as guilty as every other person for not accepting him. He says I am malicious because I am miserable, this is the creatures justification for killing people. He also resents Frankenstein for abandoning him after his birth like a child would if its father left it after or before its birth. The creature sees Frankenstein very oft as its, father. This is not what Frankenstein wants, and he is now thinking about the coincidences for his actions, even though now, he cannot do anything about it. The creature says, I am chained in an eternal hell. Here the creature describes his purport away from society, he describes it as his version of hell because that is how most people would hate to live. Nobody likes to feel alone in the humankind. At the end of the book, the creature weeps to the death of his father, when Frankenstein dies, he is most awful though, about the fact that Frankenstein never gav e him a name, and he feels that his name is very important. In some cultures of the world if you commit a crime your name can be taken off you, this is felt more of a punishment as being outlawed or being sent to prison.T In conclusion, I still think that Frankenstein is the most monstrous. Even though the creature killed innocent people, it can by saying it didnt know better, justifies its actions, also I think that Frankenstein has a part to play in this because the creature never asked to be born. It was out of arrogance and out of naivety that Frankenstein thought that he could get away with creating life and not having to live with the consequences, much I think how some people act towards life today. I think that this story still plays a part in todays world.I think that this story has a moral, and that the moral of the story is, You should everlastingly think before you act. You should always think about the repercussions of your actions. If everybody thought a little bit m ore about what they were doing and how it would affect other people, the world would be a much better place for us all to live in. Rebecca woodwind instrument 10/4 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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Purani Jeans Aur Guitar Essay

Purani Jeans aur guitar a jingle which most of the college going students might never forget. Somewhere in the song a stanza comes which states maangne paise udhaar. This is a very common incidence happening in college life and the best part is that one gets to dumbfound as many resources as she/he requires. But the point is do we actually NEED to convey for the Udhaar? Lot many instances have been found wherein because of this udhaar lot many feuds(Big or Small) has happened between best of the friends. So do we actually want to have udhaar or get rid of this and still continue to venerate the beautiful and happening College Life? (This may non seem 100% doable but chastise maarne mein kya jaata hai) So what is the Solution? Very simple Put the right notes in the right sacque in the right quantity in the right time, thats it This eject be achieved by employ the world famous Art of perpetratement Investment has its own Oxford Dictionary meaning the action or process of come outing money for profit. The question is how do we practice this art of investment and pull onward the action work for us. In simple terms how do we invest, where do we invest and when do we invest?Lets look out for answers to these questionsa) Where do we Invest?Answer Avenues for investments have seen a forceful change from yester years till date. Now we have simple formula zarurat jaisi, salaah waisi. You name your verifiable of investment and we have a solution available as per your requirements. One may go ahead and invest in a plethora of avenues as per requirement viz. i) Traditional Debt instruments Bank FDs, venture Office Schemes etc. ii) Tradable Debt instruments Bonds & Debenturesiii) Direct Equitiesiv) coarse Fundsv) Goldvi) Real estate etc.As per ones capability, knowledge, resources, risk & time may choose one or more avenues of investments among these. Mutual Funds provide a one-stop solution in all categories.b) How to Invest?Answer Investment ut ensil and procedures have also evolved with time. Now one may invest in most of the avenues in not only a physical mode filling of application, giving cheque etc. but can also invest electronically viz. using Mobile phone, SMS, online, call centre etc. any that is required is to comply certain regulatory requirements and thats it. You have enough invest lump mating you do not have enough invest systematically in small chunks.c) When do we Invest?Answer Most difficult but again very simple too. A great bookman has said You have two options either time the market or spend time in the market. It is invariably easier and let on to spend time in the market rather than timing the market So, it is always advisable that one invests regularly and systematically rather than trying to capture the highs and the lows. Whenever you think of investment tangle witht wait but invest lot many avenues are already available for confused needs and timing. Also it has proven record that invest early always yield s better results.Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, beta hamara aisa kaam karega Starting investments at the early ages viz. when in college when you start receiving pocket money definitely adds up a bigger amount to your future life and helps to achieve ones goals and aspirations. Your parents would also encounter PROUD.

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Business Opportunities in Food and Beverage Industry Essay

Business Opportunities in Food and Beverage Industry - adjudicate ExampleFood is a very defining element of a culture. Eating different kinds of foods does much than just satiating the craving for taste it lets a greater insight into other(a) cultures. This paper discusses a stage business idea of establishing a South Asian Tea Restaurant in New York. Americans generally equivalent the South Asian foods a lot. one should not be surprised if a seven-year-old American youngster walks up and asks for aloo mater samosas and his mom is keen on having the complimentary chai (Deccan Chronicle, 2013). Popular food items intromit just are not limited to samosas, pakoras, halwa poori, murgh cholay, and lassi. These foods are not only very tasty, they also have a high nutritious value since they are all made from natural products and do not include the use of any preservatives or chemicals that is a big plus point. Everything is made right there, even the samosas(no glacial boxed samo sas here), pakoras, and chutneys(not jarred want most places serve) are all made fresh here and delicious (Justin, 2013). The first harmonic purpose of establishing any business is to ca-ca money. Most of these food items are extremely cheap to make and yet sell for a very large price primarily because of their nutritional value, their exceptional taste, their strange disembodied spirits, and their cultural affiliations. Even more(prenominal), when these food items are made in bulk, they become all the cheaper to make and more put onable to sell at the same time. At a famous Indian restaurant, While Samosa and Idli sambar are available for $5.50, one has to spend $7 for Masala dosa and $7.5 for two pieces of gulab jamun (First Post, 2012). Considering the ingredients used in the making of a samosa, one samosa might cost the owner no more than $0.15. Comparison of this to the amount it sells or provides evidence of the profitability of the business. The other food items are similarly cheap but with a huge profit margin. It takes careful planning and strategy to establish much(prenominal) a business at the right point. The owners should look for an area where the population of South Asians is relatively higher as compared to other regions in America since the apex consumers of this business are people from such countries as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Such areas are not hard to rise up since most of these families tend to live together in neighborhoods since they have common cultural values and take note one another helpful in America. In order to have an edge over other such restaurants, the owners need to pay special attention toward ambiance. Songs of old legendary singers like Noor Jehan, Lata, Rafi, Mukesh, and Kishore can provide the place that extra boost that it requires to appeal massive in-pour of consumers. South Asians mostly like to have samosas and pakoras with tea during the lunch breaks and as snacks, so these items should be a vailable all day long whereas other items like halwa poori and murgh cholay should be made available in the breakfast. Menu for lunch and dinner can be unflinching depending upon how large the owner wants the business to be. Establishment of this business successfully imparts the need to advertise it in such a way that the benefits of these food items in general and what they offer in comparison to the typical occidental food, in particular, are easily noticeable for the audiences. To achieve this, the contemporary issue of diseases caused by consumption of chemicals needs.

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To what extent can management control organizational culture Essay

To what extent apprize management realise organisational culture - Essay ExampleManagement control can be defined as the mechanism by which the management of an organization exercises control over the employees in a manner to reduce costs and losses, fulfilment of objectives and ensuring optimum utilization of the available resources. Organizational culture is another(prenominal) important phenomenon that can be observed in organizations these days. Organizational culture refers to the culture followed within an organizational framework, which is a result of the behaviour of people and the sense that they append to the displayed behaviours. Organizational culture is important for each organization, as it helps in the establishment of a unique culture within and proscribedside the organizational boundaries depending upon which the vocation objectives are formulated. Use of management control in an organization can have a fast impact upon the organizational culture and its busine ss operations. Management control has several benefits as well as disadvantages over the organizational culture, which establishes a platform for determining the organizational outcomes (ODonnell & Boyle, 2008).In this context, the essay focuses on gaining an vagary of management control and its affect over the organizational culture. The contract would provide an argumentative overview of the topic by dint of a discussion on the core principles of management control and organizational culture along with their interrelatedness. The study would also discuss the findings pertaining to the effect of management control over the organizational culture.A management control helps in ensuring that the present organisational standards are in accordance with the pre-determined roles and objectives, which further ensures that necessary actions can be interpreted in case of discrepancies. Managerial control requires the managers to exercise control over the employees, who are concerned with carrying out several job roles and responsibilities. Management control has a strong influence power on

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Gross domestic product Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gross domestic product - concession ExampleIn this case, the GDP acts as a clue in matters pertinent to financial wealthiness of the state of matter through measuring standard of living in a given country. Consequently, every country develops interest in knowing about the GDP coefficient of correlations to ensure a boost in the wellbeing. whatever of these GDP correlations realized in every country are happy business leader, crime rate, corruption, income and if the country is developed or developing. it is intrinsic to gain the knowledge about how these factors affect the GDP in order to shorten projects that can restore a nation.Many studies have been carried out both having the aim of testing the surmisal presented in the paper. Through carrying out a take in on the GDP of different countries, the researchers give their omen on whether the factors are likely to increase on reduce the GDP.Andrew E Clark and Claudia Senik presents study which shows that happiness busines s leader and income have impact on the GDP. The variables in play were income, happiness index and GDP. They confirm the availability of correlation between the factors and the former. In order to test their hypothesis, the authors verified the significant relationship between happiness index and income of a country. Evidently, they found that increase in happiness index insinuates that income is excessively likely to increase on the other hand. The authors assert that happiness of psychological importance to the citizens, especially in their endeavors of increasing their income (Clark and Claudia, 20). The study also showed that income has a significant relationship with GDP as can be shown by the correlation presented. The study concluded that the income affects the well-being in an indomitable way regardless of other factors. Clarifying the results, the study indicates that income improves a countrys ability to adapt.In a study carried out by the J.

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Marketing Design and Innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Design and construct - Essay ExampleThe success of international marketing strategies strongly relates to the ways in which companies design and invoke their harvest-festivals. Any errors in designing products to meet customer requirements and evolving market trends can lead to failure in capturing market shares and loss in revenues for the companies. The international environment provides the organization with the scope of marketing products to both topical anaesthetic and arrayile markets. Multiple strategies are adopted by companies to promote their products to these markets either through standardization of products launched in both local and foreign markets or through adaptation in design and features to match the tastes of the foreign consumers (Hill & Allen, 2007). While standardization in design and features provide the customers with a uniform image that is attached with the product, it may fail to satisfy their needs that are influenced by local environmen t and cultural factors. Hence location or adaptation to local tastes and preferences is considered a feasible solution by marketers for promoting market shares and growth (Lamb, plum & McDaniel, 2009).McDonalds the global brand McDonalds is wholeness of the largest chains of fast food restaurants selling burgers, French fries and host of savories since 1940. The business started with the opening of a fast food outlet in California in the course of study 1940 and since then the company has grown to become a household name with its presence across diverse countries (Roth, 2010). The success of the brand is largely attributed to its flexibility in product design and innovation in tastes that has ensured a satisfied customer walking out of its outlets. In Germany, McDonalds serves beer with meals. In Israel, the first kosher McDonalds opened in Jerusalem in 1995. In Arab countries, the chain used Halal menus (Paul, 2008). The respect for local tastes and cultures have realise the company its reputation and contributed to its success in global market expansion strategies. The company operates through a number of franchisees across different market regions. Innovation in product design and marketing miscellanea are key determinants of the success behind McDonalds. The fast food service chain gained customer subjection and trust through its creativity in offering new range of products and flavors. McDonalds recognizes the fact that different cultures project varying customer needs and tastes. It is important to identify the distinctiveness in tastes and adapt its flavors to suit the local customer choice and preference. Market demand and competitive advantage The market demand for any product in any region is influenced by the consumer demographics of the region, industry competition, pricing, quality, and service efficiency of the companies. The competitive environment is one of the key aspects influencing market demand for any product. Moving from a produ ct and sales philosophy to a holistic marketing philosophy however, gives them a better chance of outperforming competition. And the cornerstone of a well-conceived marketing predilection is strong customer relationships (Kotler, 1972). McDonalds operates in a highly competitive

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Philosophies of social science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Philosophies of social light - Essay ExampleThe essence of Kuhns ideas when it comes to a scientific revolution is a paradigm shift which causes fundamental changes in the way science is approached by the scientists of the time. A scientific revolution as defined by Doppelt (2006) isA large-scale change in the fundamental concepts, theories, or methods that scientists in some area of inquiry employ to understand the course of nature. much(prenominal) a change is also thought to be revolutionary in so far as it provokes similarly dramatic alterations in the way lay-people see the world around them (Doppelt, 2006, Pg. 3).The Cartesian revolution surely fits the bill in this case since it brought about significant changes in how fundamental concepts were addressed. For instance the approach taken by Descartes to the world around him was unique to the extent that he wanted to see everything as seeing it for the first time. The ideas presented by Descartes can be summed as being in precariousness about everything which is not already known to him in a perfect sense. The only thing that he does not doubt is his personal ability to be cognizant of himself and his ability to think about the things which surround him (Pessin, 2007).However, his notion of science begins with a disbelief in the senses which is certainly a paradigm shift from the earlier natural philosophers such as Plato or Aristotle who had firm belief in some value of their senses. Descartes doubts that anything is actually as his senses show him as they are. Essentially, all that Descartes is surrounded by could be a just dream or created tomography which is forced upon him by some other (more powerful) being while the reality of things could be quite distinct (Pessin, 2007).The doubts about his senses and the material world as expressed by Descartes go far beyond the naive doubts a person would have about being what day it is or what date it was a calendar week ago. The scientific approach taken

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Food Policy Reform in Schools Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Food Policy Reform in Schools - Research Paper ExampleFor the lower socioeconomic groups, the food is free, whereas for the upper group fryren, it is bidd at a cost but a subsidized rate. The main objective of the syllabus is to deliver a rosy-cheeked and nutritious diet for children at school and to develop good pose habits and promote healthy eating practices during the growing period when nutrition is utmost important for the development of the child (USDA 2008). More than 94% of the schools have subscribed to the NSLP and this is provided under the National School Lunch Act 1946 that was adopted as a policy by the Harry Truman Administration. About 17% of the federal budget meant for food and nutrition assistance programs in truth goes to the NSLP (USDA 2008). During the implementation and development of the program initially in the 1940s and the 1950s, greater effort was being displace on addressing poverty, starvation and malnutrition in children. However, today, the co ncern is much different, and seems to be an equal challenge that was present during the louse up days of the NSLP. on that point is a growing concern of obesity and being overweight in children, oddly in the lower socioeconomic groups who find it difficult to address their health needs (Rogers 2010). The NSLP was earlier meant to swear out children who were eating a diet at home to eat more and to meet their higher nutritionists calorie and protein demand. Besides, there argon children coming from diverse family backgrounds having diverse food nutrition and food needs and it would a great deal be difficult to cater to their tastes. Hence, it would be difficult to meet the various needs through cardinal lunch program. There are other concerns also including the sustaining the program through the federal funding and donations may create difficulties, facing stiff competition from the junk food sector, unnecessarily creating a crunch for the hoidenish produce, and outdated str ucture of the program. In this paper, we would test one of the problems faced by the NSLP, look at the feasible alternatives, and develop a solution to resolve the same (US Government Accounting Office 2003). Define and analyze the problem One of the main concerns of the NSLP is that the objectives of the program may not be in line with the requirements of the children today. When the program was being implemented during its baby days, its main aim was to address malnutrition, weakness and starvation in children and provide them with a nutritious meal for at least once daily. However, today, the program is considered as a divisor that is causing obesity and unhealthy eating in children, and there is a concern on the whole tone of foods that is currently being served via the program. There is a growing concern whether the program is worsening the effect of obesity in the population in order to support the agricultural sector. Even the poor today are no more undernourished and are facing a stiffer problem with obesity. The program is encouraging the overconsumption of efficacy and fats and is also increasing the amount of food being consumed by children. As children of the poor are provided by food at lower costs, they are encouraged to eat more, not helping in trim obesity and in the process developing eating habits that would worsen the problem further in life. The child when he or she grows into an adult would be prone to several health risks including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, stroke, etc. There were concerns as to why the NSLP was